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Kyushu Travel Guide

Minami Kawachi-bashi bridge

   Minami Kawachi-bashi bridge     The only remaining lenticular truss bridge in Japan  ( lens type truss brid …

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Study tour in the STEM Education field

   STEM Education field     Kitakyushu provides a various Educational fields for STEM (Science, Technology, En …

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First Head Office of the Steel Works

   UNESCO World Heritage, Site of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution     The four sites of Yawata Steel Works …

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UNESCO World Heritage / Onga River Pump Station

  Onga River Pump Station   Built in 1910 on the east bank of the Onga River. It served, and still serves, to …

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北九州市環境衛生総連合会 エコツアー

  北九州市環境衛生総連合会の役員のエコツアーを実施しました。 ・日 程   2018年 11月1日(木) ・行先 : 八女市 及び 星野村 ・参加人数  24名  門司区:5名、小倉北区:3名、小倉南区:3名、若松区:3名  八 …

北九州市環境衛生総連合会 エコツアー…の続きを読む

International University of Japan Field trip in Okinawa

  Date December 15 through 18 Participants 40 ( 37 student, 1 professor , 2 staffs)   Transportation : chartered bu …

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Water Plaza

  The Plant making fresh water from sea water and sewage water established in 2011. The desalination process and te …

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Hiagari Sewage water treatment plant

  The sewage come through the sewer pipe is purified in the plant and flow into the sea.  There is an also new tech …

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Wind Power Generation

  Japan’s first wind power generation plant constructed at the coast line facing windy strong Hibikinada sea. 10 wi …

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J-Power in Kitakyushu

  The company have been supplying low-cost and reliable electricity for over 60 years.   And research and developme …

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