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Arita travel guide



It is known for producing Arita porcelain, one of the traditional handicrafts of Japan.

Famous for Arita yaki which is 400-years old porcelain. The piece is bright, elegant

pictures drawn in transparent white porcelain. 

It holds the largest ceramic fair in Western Japan, the Arita Ceramic Fair.

This event is held from April 29 to May 5 every year and has thousands of stores and

stalls lining the six-kilometre long main street.



Arita Porcelain Park

Offers a drastic change of scenery, which might even make you forget you are in Japan. This park

features a stunning garden and palace designed in the style of 18th-century German Baroque

architecture. This is said to be a tribute to Arita’s influence on European ceramic design.



Sueyama Shrine

The Shrine is located in Arita Town, Nishimatsuura District. Feature of the Shrine is Shrine gate

made by porcelain, and usually the Shrine gate are made of stone or wood. The Shire gate or

Torii was built in 1888. It had been designated Tangible Cultural Properties on April 28, 2000.



Porcelain Manufacturer, Kakieon

A style of Japanese porcelain, with over glaze decoration called “enameled” ceramics. It was

originally produced at the factories around Arita, in Japan’s from the Edo period’s mid-17th

century onwards. The style shares much in common with the Chinese “Famille Verte” style.

The quality of its decoration was highly prized in the West and widely imitated by major European

porcelain manufacturers during the Rococo period.


 Location of Arita




General information  

Address City hall : 2202 Tachibeotsu, Arita-chi, Nishi-Matsuura-gun, Saga-prefecture

30 minutes by a vehicle from Imari-city

60 minutes by a vehicle from Saga-city

100 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka-city

60 minutes by a vehicle from Nagasaki-city

Population 19,600   Population density 298


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