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Aso Tourist Tram


Enjoy the magnificent scenery of Aso


The Minami Aso railway is a private railroad offering a very scenic ride from

Takamori to Nakamatsu in the south east of the caldera.


Lovely and magnificent scenery can be enjoyed on a pleasant 30 minute train ride.


General information

Address 1537-2 Oaza-Takamori,  Takamori-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto-city

Access to

Takamori station

35 minutes by a vehicle from Aso-city

70 minutes by a vehicle from Kumamoto-city

40 minutes by a vehicle from Takachiho

2 hours and 10 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka-city


Operate day 

Saturday, Sunday, and National holidays

March 17 to April 8 
April 28 to May 6
July 21 to August 31 

One way JPY 790 ( between Takamori and Nakamatsu)

Round trip JPY 1,380


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