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Kumamoto Castle


Kumamoto Castle is one of the three great castles, along with Nagoya Castle and

Osaka Castle and one of the 100 best places in Japan to view cherry blossoms.


The current castle was built in 1601 by Kiyomasa Kato, a great commander and took 

7 years to complete. 

The 980,000-square-meter premises are dotted with many memorable view such as donjons,
turrets, turret gates, castle gates and long fences.

This castle is particularly famous for its beautiful curving stonewall called “Musha-gaeshi, which

were built to defend against invading armies. The stone walls have been designated a National

Historic Site and 12 buildings in addition to the Uto-yagura turret have been designated National




Kumamoto Castle after the Earthquakes


Suddenly, without any prediction, the series of Earthquakes including magnitude 7.0 main shock

which struck in April 2016 beneath Kumamoto-city.
Then severe damages occurred Kumamoto prefecture including Kumamoto Castle.


Kumamoto Castle sustained damage to its roof and exterior buildings and walls because of the

earthquakes and associated aftershocks.
Several of the castle’s shacihoko ornaments were destroyed, and a large number of kawara tiles

also fell from the roof. Now the restoration activities are being performed as fast as possible.


Now, the Kumamoto Castle can be seen from the outside of the moats surrounding the castle.


We will welcome you to our place Kumamoto Castle. 




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