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Kofukuji Temple


After the Tokugawa Shogunate banned Christianity, non-Christian Chinese merchants 

began making port at Nagasaki around 1600.

Chinese people soon started living in Nagasaki and etitioned the Nagasaki government 

to let them built a Chinese temple to pray for safe navigation and console of the deceased.

Permission was granted for the construction of first Chinese temple.


Kofukuji Temple was completed in 1620, and Chinese traders then planned to invite a

high-ranking priest from China as the temple’s chief abbot.


The Kofukuji Temple’s present main hall was built in 1883 by Chinese experts who

were invited to Japan mainly by residents in Nagasaki hailing from Nanjin.

It was designated as an Important Cultural Asset.



General information

Address 4-32 Teramachi, Nagasaki-city

A short waalk from Shiminkaikan Tram station 



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