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Harajiri Waterfall


Harajiri Waterfall is called Niagara Falls of Japan.

The Ogata River, running through the center of the Ogata plain in Oita Prefecture, flows furiously down a cliff and creates Harajiri Falls.

The falls, 120 meters wide and 20 meters tall, are selected as one

of the best 100 falls in Japan.

Lava flows produced by the great eruption of Mt. Aso accumulated

and created Harajiri Falls.


 Over view of Waterfall Waterfall Waterfall


 Upstream of Waterfall Upstream of Waterfall  Downstream of Waterfall 


Cherry blossom Suspension bridge Suspension bridge


Wheat field for Beer Ogata-machi Ogata-machi


Ogata-machi Grass Cherry Michino-eki, Souvenir shop



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