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Raizan Sennyo-ji temple in Itoshima


Raizan Sennyo-ji temple is one of the most famous temple in Fukuoka prefecture known for being a great place for cherry blossom viewing in the spring, and many people visit in the autumn to see the fall foliage.

The temple was founded in 725, Nara period by Seiga, who come from India as
a priest during the period.
There is an Important Cultural Property which is the 4.8 meter wooden 
Avalokitesvara statue in the main hall.

The main hall was founded by Kuroda Tsugutaka who was the 6th feudal 

lord of Kuroda clan in Fukuoka.

400 years of age big maple tree, which has been designated as natural 

monument of Fukuoka prefecture, has been said to be planted by him.


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