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Kyushu Travel Guide

Industrial Heritage tour in Kitakyushu


The tour offers how Japan became the world’s leading

Industrial country.

In 1901, Japanese modern steel industry started in Kitakyushu. Since then Kitakyushu became the industry city and 

Japan’s Industrial modernization has been achieved here with
unprecedented surprising speed.

Tour condition
・Start and end of the tour is to be Kitakyushu
・Guided by Industrial Heritage guide 
・Chartered vehicle such as a jumbo taxi or bus


・Depart a hotel in Kitakyushu

Yahata port

  Yawata was a rural village with a small population of agriculture 
and fishing industry. And this place was decided in Parliament 
as the Japan’s Modern Steel Works construction site in 1897.
At that time, there were no construction machineries, the Steel 
Works was constructed with human power in just 4 years.

In April 2007, based on this theme of “innovation,” the Kitakyushu
Innovation Gallery & Studio (KIGS) opened in Yahata, Higashida, 
the first site of steel manufacturing in Japan’s modern age.



Japan’s steel industry began here in 1901.
It contributed greatly to the development of the Japanese steel 
industry and was used until 1972, and has been preserved just 
as it was.  

Built in 1899, ahead of production facilities. It is an architectural fusion
of Japanese and European design, a two story red brick building with
bilateral symmetry and a central dome set in a Japanese tile roof. 

This office is a Witness who has been watching the history of industrial

modernization in Japan while also experiencing war.   more ..

Lunch at Otani Kaikan Hall
  The western-style building of Art Deco style architecture which 
was completed in 1927, and opened as an employee club 
of the then-owned Yawata Steel Works. The Hall building 
received the Kitakyushu City Architectural Culture Award in 1989. 
The first-class civil construction heritage that triggered the 
registration of World Cultural Heritage of Meiji Japan’s 
Industrial Revolution. The Kawachi Reservoir was constructed 
for the industrial water supply to Yawata Steel Works. more
 Dedicated railway for Yawata Steel Works

Connected between Yawata and Tobata. Construction work took three years, 

and completed in 1930. The most difficult and hard work was making

Miyatayama tunnel with a total length of 1180 m due to suffering from floods.

The gates of the Miyatayama tunnel are decorated with stately designs.

・Disband at the hotel in Kitakyushu


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