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Mount Unzen


Symbol of Shimabara peninsula, Mount Unzen


Located at the centre of Shimabara peninsula, in Nagasaki-prefecture.

Consist of 9 mountains, the highest is Heisei-sinzan (1483 m) formed by volcanic explosion

from 1990 to 1995, second highest is Fugen-dake (1359m) which was the highest until

Heisei-shinzan formed by explosion, and Myoken-dake (1359m ) has access from Nita pass

by the Rope way.


        Shimabara peninsula



    Myoken-dake & Fugen-dake

The mount Unzen is part of Unzen National park, and makes Onsen Resorts with different

feature of each such as Unzen, Obama and Shimabara Onsen Resorts.


        Unzen Onsen Resort

        Obama Onsen Resort

      Shimabara Onsen Resort

The mountain can be seen from the almost all area of Shimabara Peninsula, and different

gentle scenic beauty of the mountain can be enjoyed from each areas.



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