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Obama Onsen


Onsen Resort facing to Tachibana bay


Located at western foot of Mount Unzen, and consist of Shimabara peninsula Onsen Resort

along with Unzen Onsen Resort and Shimabara Onsen Resort.  

About 30 Hotels and Japanese style accommodation are standing along the Tachibana bay

and there are 3 public baths where visitor can use.  


The Japan’s highest radiation calorie of hot spring. (radiation calorie is calculated in hot water

temperature multiplied hot water yield)

Some of them reaching 80-100 °C and producing over 15,000 tons of hot water daily.

Your own cooking can be enjoyed made by Onsen steam using local ingredients such as

vegetables and fishes



The Japan’s longest foot bath

Called “ Hot foot 105” 

The length of foot bath is 105m which is same number of the hot spring source temperature of

105 degree Celsius.



There are various kind of gift shops and restaurants around the foot bath.




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