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Recycling & Waste treatment technologies


Kitakyushu is offering various Recycling and Waste treatment technologies


Kitakyushu City, once known as a “town of pollution,” now plays the role of the driving 
force in creating a recycling-oriented society in Japan making use of the experience 
and know-how it accumulated in the process of overcoming its pollution in order to 
provide international cooperation.




Our study tour provides the solutions of Recycling and waste treatment issues



Model of the tour


Lecture of Recycling and waste treatment 

 Lecturer : Masa Kondo, managing director of Japan KYUSHU Tourist

         (have expertise and experience in the technical field)

   Content of lecture

      History to Environmental Future city

      World leading Recycling and waste treatment business

   Venue : Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery


Where to visit

    Please select from the following


Eco Town Center 

Eco Project information center that supports the Eco-town.   It introduces initiatives

and activities implemented in Eco-town to encourage people to proactively used

the facility for such activities as environmental study sessions and interaction 

amongst visitors.

Plastic PET Bottle recycling / Nishi-Nippon PET Recycling

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are sorted by 
municipalities and recycled into pellets and flakes, which can 
be used as raw materials for polyester fibers and egg cartons

Waste paper recycling / Kyushu Seishi 

Refined waste papers is recycled into toilet papers.
Sludge generated during the toilet paper production process
is used to produce a foaming inhibitor used by steel works.

Melting Furnace  / Sin-Moji Plant 

The collected waste including metals is melted at over 1,700 degree

Celsius in the Melting Furnace and then the melted slag and metals

are discharged. The slag is used as raw materials for pavement and 

bricks and the metals are re-used for other steel products.

The process and technology of the Melting Furnace can be learned. 

Food waste recycle / Merry Corporation 

The food waste recycling company that the compost is 
being produced from food waste discharged from food 
factories, hospitals, restaurants and municipal facilities.

Hiagari Sewage water treatment plant 

The sewage come through the sewer pipe is purified in the plant and

flow into the sea. There is an also new technology plant which the electricity is generated using the sludge from sewage. At the Visitor

Center established in 2015, sewage treatment process and technologies

can be learned.


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