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Yamada Weir


Only here in Japan,  the stone-covered Weir constructed


Yamada weir is a construction for the irrigation system that water is supplied from

Yamada weir in Chikugo through the canal to the Triple Water Wheel to rice field.


              Chikugo River

            Triple Water Wheel

                      Rice fied

The large and small stones are stacked against water flow, and leads water to the irrigation canal while suppressing the momentum of the Chikugo River.


     Stone-overed construction

                 Yamada Weir

            Water supply area

The Yamada Weir was completed in 1790 and it is the now only structure in Japan.



Eso Hachiman Shrine

The Shrine was established in 673 next to Yamada Weir 

            Shrine gate, Torii

          Main Shrine building

            Deity of the Shrine



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