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Onga River Pump Station

  Kitakyushu travel guide

  Built in 1910 on the east bank of the Onga River. It served, and still serves, to deliver  industrial water to Ya …

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Kurogane Railway

  Kitakyushu travel guide

  Dedicated Railway for Yawata Steel Works. The railway connected between Yawata and Tobata, construction work took …

Kurogane Railway…の続きを読む

Japanese restaurant, Shirakabe

  Ukiha Travel Guide

  Local Japanese Cuisines cooked by the best chef in Chikugo region. The chef who makes that cuisines also experien …

Japanese restaurant, Shirakabe…の続きを読む

Ukiha Inari Shrine

  Ukiha Travel Guide

  Breath taking scenery in harmony with the Shrine.  Ukiha Inari Shrine, located at foot of Mino mountain range, 13 …

Ukiha Inari Shrine…の続きを読む

Takeo and Ureshino travel guide


  Takeo Onsen resort Takeo has 1200 years history and is located in the western part of Saga-prefecture. The hot sp …

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Shirakabe-dori Avenue

  Ukiha Travel Guide

  Time-honored scenery, back to 100 years ago. The Avenue is located in Yoshii-machi,  Ukiha-city.  Shirakabe, lite …

Shirakabe-dori Avenue…の続きを読む

Takachiho Gorge

  Takachiho travel guide

  The narrow chasm cut through the rock by the Gokase River. The nearly sheer cliffs lining  the gorge are made of  …

Takachiho Gorge…の続きを読む