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Seiro-mushi, Yufuin Kagura

  Yufuin travel guide

  Seiro-mushi refers to a cooking technique in which food ingredients are put into a bamboo basket used for steamin …

Seiro-mushi, Yufuin Kagura…の続きを読む

Mount Tsurumi

  Beppu travel guide

  Soaring 1375 metres into the sky, Mount Tsurumi is a breath taking mountain overlooking Beppu that offers some de …

Mount Tsurumi…の続きを読む

Dolphins watching cruise

  Shimabara travel guide

  Let’s meet wild Dolphins. Approximately 300 wild Dolphins live in the sea between the Shimabara Peninsula and Ama …

Dolphins watching cruise…の続きを読む

Takachiho Gorge boat riding

  Takachiho travel guide

  The most recommended activity at Takachiho Gorge is riding the river that flows down the base of the gorge on a r …

Takachiho Gorge boat riding…の続きを読む

Takamori Dengaku-no sato / Featured restaurant in Aso

  Aso travel guide

  Enjoy Aso beef and local cuisines.  The restaurant uses the old private house with thatched roof built more than …

Takamori Dengaku-no sato / Featured rest…の続きを読む

Myoban Onsen

  Beppu travel guide

  The Onsen resort town where the Yunohana or Alum have been collected since more than 200 years ago.  Myoban means …

Myoban Onsen…の続きを読む

Yunotsubo Avenue

  Yufuin travel guide

  Main street in Yufuin located at the foot of mount Yufu. The avenue is started near JR Yufuin Station and connect …

Yunotsubo Avenue…の続きを読む

Yufuin Floral Village

  Yufuin travel guide

  Floral Village is the amusement facility that recreated the street of the Cotswolds region in England, which was …

Yufuin Floral Village…の続きを読む

Hinoe Castle Ruins

  Shimabara travel guide

  During the period of the Southern and Northern Courts (1337-92), the Arima family ruling the Shimabara Peninsula …

Hinoe Castle Ruins…の続きを読む

Unzen trekking

  Unzen travel guide

  Unzen is a beautiful highland Onsen Resort situated Unzen National Park. Unzen was  the first area to be designat …

Unzen trekking…の続きを読む