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Okinoshiam and Associated site in Munakata registered on World Hetitage in 2017

  Japanese history

  The island of Okinoshima is located in the Genkai sea between Japan and Korea,  As even landing on the island has …

Okinoshiam and Associated site in Munaka…の続きを読む

Sara-udon, 皿うどん

  Japanese cuisine

  Sara-udon is a local cuisine in Nagasaki and The literal meaning is udon (udon noodle) on a plate (sara).   …

Sara-udon, 皿うどん…の続きを読む

Nagasaki was a small Rome

  Todos os Santos Church, the first church in Nagasaki, was built in 1569. Federal lord Omura and the Jesuits made …

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Torii Shinto Shrine gate, 鳥居

  Featured things in Japan

  Is there any special meaning in the Torii Shinto Shrine gate? Torii is a gate-like structure placed at key point in th …

Torii Shinto Shrine gate, 鳥居…の続きを読む