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  Ukiha blessed with nature where many orchards spread out at the foot of Mino mountain range. Yoshii, in the cente …



  Featured destinations

  Asakura is located in south of Fukuoka Prefecture and spreads over the Chikugo plains of the Chikugo River basin. …



  Featured destinations

  Yanagawa is a beautiful canal town where with fields of flat land facing the calm Ariake Sea. The area of Yanagaw …


Hirado Dutch Trading Post, established in 1609

  Japanese history

  The Hirado Dutch Trading Post was a trading base in East Asia that was established in Hirado by the East India Co …

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Endo Shusaku Literary Museum

  The peaceful Sotome, the setting of Endo Shusaku’s novel Silence. Sotome area of Nagasaki city has an abundance o …

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Beppu Hell tour, in Beppu

  Experiences, Latest information

  Beppu’s most hyped attraction, Hell (Jigoku Meguri ) tour that is a collection of hot spring where the water bubb …

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Santo Domingo Church, built in 1609

  Santo Domingo Church was built in 1609 by Dominican Father Francisco de Morales in Nagasaki after demolishing a c …

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Yoshinogari Remains, the 3rd century B.C.

  The largest archeological remains in Japan.  Lie on the spacious hilly area in the north-eastern part of Saga. Re …

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Nokonoshima Island, in Fukuoka-city

  Latest information

  Nokonoshima, in the middle of Hakata Bay Beautiful flowers can be enjoyable throughout the year. Rapeseed blossom …

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The 26 Martyrs Museum

  The 26 Martyrs Museum is dedicated to the 26 Christians who were executed here on February 5, 1597. They included …

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