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Naval training school in Nagasaki established in 1855

  Japanese history

  Faced with crises from overseas countries, the Shogunate established the  Naval training school  in Nagasaki in 1 …

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Unzen jigoku Martyrdom from 1626

  When Matsukura Shigemasa became the new federal lord of Shimabara in 1616, many people were Christians. Initially …

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Kurose no Tsuji, martyrdom site of Gaspar Nishi Genka

  The site where Christian Gaspar Nishi Genka was martyred in 1609, located on Kurose Hill overlooking Nakae no shi …

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Saint Filippo de Jesus Church ( Japan 26 Saints Memorial Church )

  This is a church with Gaudi-style twin tower designed by Kenjiro Imai, built next to the Nishizaka Martyrdom site …

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History of Japanese Christianity

  Christian history in Japan was started when St. Francis Xavier came to Japan as a first Christian missionary in 1 …

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The 26 Martyrs Museum

  Nagasaki travel guide

  The 26 Martyrs Museum is dedicated to the 26 Christians who were executed here on February 5, 1597. They included …

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Nagasaki travel guide


  Nagasaki is Japan’s first international city with a history of trading with many countries since Nagasaki p …

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