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  Onsen resort

  Ibusuki is an Onsen Resort that is famous for its sand baths, where bathers are buried in naturally heated sand. …


Aso Shrine, in Aso

  Shinto Shrine

  Aso Shrine is located in Aso, Kumamoto-prefecture. It is popular as a god protecting worshipers from traffic acci …

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Kushida Shrine, in Fukuoka-cty

  Shinto Shrine

  Kushida Shrine is located in Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka-prefecture. The Shrine of Hakata Gion Yamagasa Festival.  Loca …

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Genna great Martyrdom in 1622

  25 years after the martyrdom of the 26 Saints, the blood of Christians was shed once again at Nishizaka in Nagasa …

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26 Saints Pilgrimage route on February 05 in 1597

  26 Christians arrive at Tokitsu Port by the boat on the cold night of February 4, in 1597 and stayed one night on …

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4 days Pilgrimage tour

  Christian Pilgrimage tours

  This is the model plan for making your customized tour.   The tour visits Christian Pilgrimage sites in Soto …

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