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  Onsen resort

  Beautiful highland Onsen Resort situated Unzen National Park. The area was the first area to be designated as a N …


Karatsu Castle

  Japanese Castle

  Karatsu Castle is called Dancing Crane Castle.  Karatsu Castle was built in 1608. This castle is located facing t …

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Hidden Christian site, Kasuga Village

  Kasuga Village and Mount Yasugatake is a Christian Pilgrimage site and is registered on the World Heritage as Hid …

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26 Saints Pilgrimage route on January 29 in 1597

  The route of this day was from Akama in Munakata to Wajiro, the distance was 21 km.      Started at Akama accommo …

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Okawachiyama porcelain district, in Imari

  Imari is most notable because of Imari porcelain which has 400 years history. The city borders Arita to the south …

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