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Munakata Shrine Hetsu-gu, in Munakata

  Shinto Shrine

  Munakata Shrine Hetsu-gu is located in Munakata, Fukuoka-prefecture. The Shrine has been registered on the World …

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Nakae no Shima / Christian Pilgrimage site

  Nakae no Shima is a Christian Pilgrimage site and is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hidden Chriatian Sites in …

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Oura Cathedral, in Nagasaki

  The Cathedral is one of the significant Christian Pilgrimage site in Japan.  Established 1865, this church is off …

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Causes of the Martyrdom of 26 Saints

  In 1596, the Spanish ship San Felipe, heading from the Philippines to Mexico, washed ashore on the Tosa-Urato coa …

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26 Saints were the first martyrs in Japan

  26 Christians arrested in Kyoto who were consisted of 20 Japanese, 4 Spaniards, 1 Mexican, and 1 Portuguese. They …

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Unzen jigoku Martyrdom

  When Matsukura Shigemasa became the new federal lord of Shimabara in 1616, many people were Christians. Initially …

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Nakamachi Church, in Nagasaki

  Nakamachi Church is located near JR Nagasaki Station which was constructed for Japanese Christians in 1986. The c …

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Japanese Christianity

  Japanese Christianity

  Japanese Christianity has a unique history of continuing faith while coexisting  with Japanese Religion Shinto an …

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