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Day 4  Amakusa & Kumamoto 

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Amakusa, is located in a southern part of Kumamoto-city, and consists of Shimo-jima,

Kami-jima and many other islands varied in size, which belong to Unzen-Amakusa 

National Park along with Unzen. 

Amakusa has the Christinan Pilgrimage sites where Christian faith

continued even during the ban on Christianity, Sakitsu Village has been registered on

UNESCO World Heritage / Hidden Christian Sites





8:00 Depart Hotel 

Visiting Hidden Christian sites in Amakusa

  Oe Cathedral 

  Sakitsu Village 

  Amakusa Shiro Memorial Hall

Travel Amakusa Gokyo / Pearl line

Transfer to Kumamoto

Exploring Kumamoto 

  Sakurano-baba Josaien 

  Kumamoto Castle  

Stay in Kumamoto



Where to visit


Oe Cathedral 

The oldest Catholic Church in Amakusa and was one of the first churches built right after the ban

on Christianity was lifted. The Romanesque-style architecture and the chalky white structure was

rebuilt in 1933 by a French missionary priest named Father Garnier using his own money and

contributions from local Christians living in the area.



Sakitsu Village  / UNESCO World Heritage

A Gothic-looking church is located on a cove of a fishing village. In 1934, a French priest Augustin

Halbout MEP purchased the premises of the former village headman and built a wooden and

concrete finished church, with Tetsukawa Yosuke’s design and construction. He placed the altar

at the very site where fumie or a test to ensure non-allegiance to Christianity had been conducted.



Amakusa Shiro Memorial Hall

The theme Museum shows History of Christianity in Amakusa and Shimabara Rebellion in

Harajo Castle Ruins which was a peasant uprising agaist bakufu’s persecution of Christians

under the leadership of Amakusa Shiro in 1637.



Sakurano-baba Josaien         

Josaien is located in Sakurano-baba, at the foot of Kumamoto Castle, one of Japan’s three

major castles. It is a popular tourist attraction designed to enhance the appeal of the old castle

town and convey to visitors the food, history and cultural traditions of the region from Kumamoto

Castle, a symbol of the Kumamoto-city.



Kumamoto Castle

The Castle is one of the three great castles and one of the 100 best places in Japan to view cherry

blossoms. Due to the Earthquakes in 2016, several of the castle’s shacihoko ornaments were

destroyed, and a large number of kawara tiles also fell from the roof. Now the restoration activities

are being performed as fast as possible. Now, the Kumamoto Castle can be seen from the outside

of the moats surrounding the castle.











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