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Yufuin & Beppu Onsen 2 days tour

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Exploring the most recommended Onsen resorts Beppu and Yufuin starting from

Fukuoka using a private vehicle. Those two Onsen resorts are located in 

Oita-prefectureand have different fascinating featuresOita-prefecture is on 

the north-eastern area of Kyushu and a representative Onsen resort areas in Japan,

total boasting hot spring sources and hot spring flowing volume are both Japan’s




Tour condition
・Number of participant : maximum 8 person
・Tour date :  please specify the date
・Tour start and end place : Fukuoka, please specify the place 
    Kitakyushu or any other places in Fukuoka-prefecture can be arranged if requested
Private vehicle is used and English speaking driver navigates you the tour

Tour Price
To be quoted as per customer’s condition such as number of participant


Overall Schedule 

Day 1

  Depart Fukuoka 

  Exploring Yufuin

  Stay Yufuin  

Day 2

  Exploring Beppu

  Return to Fukuoka



Day by Day


Day 1 Yufuin


8:00 Depart Fukuoka, start of the tour

English speaking driver of a private vehicle will meets you at designated place such as

Airport or Hotel and navigate you the Nagasaki tour.

Drive to Tosu from Fukuoka using Kyushu Expressway and then to Kokonoe using Oita



Visit Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan and the 2nd longest in the World

Splendid and beautiful view from the thrilling suspension bridge over the Naruko river


Drive to Yufuin through a mountainous countryside area, Yufuin is is a beautiful and

tranquil Onsen resort representing Kyushu and is spreading in the Yufu basin at the

mountain foot of Yufu.


Exploring Yufuin 

Yunotsubo Avenuewhere the avenue is started near JR Yufuin Station and

connected to Kinrinko lake. Through Yunotsubo Avenue, it takes about 30 minutes

on foot from JR Yufuin Station to Kinrinko lake. There are 70 shops, gift shop,

galleries, curiosity item shops as well as cafes.


Yufuin Floral Village where is is the amusement facility that recreated the street

of the Cotswolds region in England, which was also used as the location for Harry

Potter. Cute owls welcome you in OWL’s FORESR. You can enjoy strolling, gourmet

and shopping.

Kinrinko lake,  where is one of landmark in Yufuin. Hot water gushes from the

bottom of the lake, and hot steam rises from its surface on a cold day.  The lake is

located at the end of the town’s main walking route, about a kilometer and a half

from the Yufuin station.


Stay at Yufuin, Japanese style accommodation included dinner



Day 2   Beppu  


After breakfast, drive to Beppu where is one of the most famous Onsen resort in Japan.


Just before Beppu, going up to top of Mount Tsurumi.

Soaring 1375 metres into the sky, Mount Tsurumi is a breath taking mountain overlooking

Beppu that offers some decent hiking, rare flora and outstanding vistas. Visitors can take 

a ropeway 800 metres up and revel in being surrounded by acres of rolling greenery.


Beppu Hell Tour

 A collection of hot springs where the water bubbles forth from underground, often with

unusual result. Seven of the hells are located in the Kannawa district where over 4 km

northwest of Beppu station, and two in the more remote Shibaseki district. 


Foot bath

Have you tried Foot bath before?  Foot bath is called Ashiyu in Japanese and is a public
bath in which people can bath their feet.  Ashiyu in Beppu set up at Kannawa Onsen
near the Hell tour spot.

Return to Fukuoka


18:00 Arrive Fukuoka, end of the tour



Map of Yufuin




Map of Beppu




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