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Kyushu Travel Guide


  The largest three-story wooden building used for Ryotei in Kyushu    The Ryotei is a type of luxurious traditiona …


Otani-kaikan Hall

  Art Deco style building used for Banquet and Wedding ceremony   Built in 1927, opened as an employee club of …

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West Japan Industrial Club

  Historic Building representing modern Japanese architecture   The building was constructed in 1911 as the fo …

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Kyushu Electric Power / LNG thermal power plant

  Power Generation   Kyushu Electric Power / Shin-Kokura Plant   Kyushu’s first thermal power plant used …

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Raizan Sennyo-ji temple in Itoshima

  One of the most famous temple in Fukuoka prefecture known for being a great place for cherry blossom viewing in t …

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Kawachi Reservoir

  The first-class civil construction heritage   The triggered the registration of World Cultural Heritage of M …

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River Walk Kitakyushu

  A large commercial facility along Murasaki River and next to Kokura Castle   It was opened as part of the Ki …

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Kanmon Bridge

  Kanmon Bridge is the suspended bridge crossing the Kanmon Straits, a stretch of water separating two of Japan’s f …

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Environmental Future city Kitakyushu

    Environmental improvement history of Kitakyushu The city once experienced the worst air pollution in Japan …

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Mojiko Retro

  The exotic district of Mojiko-Retro   Moji-ko Port flourished following its 1889 designation as a Special Na …

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