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Birth place of Steel Making Industry in Japan 


Higashida is located at the food of Mt. Sarakura, from where visitors can enjoy “the One Million Dollar Night View” and Dokai Bay, which is used as a shipping port for the steel industry.  The area boasts various tourist attractions such as World Cultural HeritageHigashida No.1 Blast Furnace, Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History, which is the largest museum in western Japan, and also hot springs set amid the natural surroundings o fMt. Sarakura.


Mount Sarakura

The mountain is the highest mountain in Kitakyushu with an altitude of 622 meters above sea level.  At the top you are presented with a magnificent

and spectacular view of Kitakyushu. 
In the evening, one of the most beautiful night scenes in the 
world can be seen.  more


World Cultural Heritage

The four sites of Yawata Steel Works have been inscribed to 2015 World Heritage list in July 2015 as Iron and Steel Industry.

The First Head Office of the Imperial Steel Works, the steel-framed repair workshops, the Former Forge Shop, and the Onga River Pumping Station.



Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace used to stand next to the area now occupied by Space

World and was where Japan’s steel industry began in 1901. It contributed greatly to the development of the Japanese steel industry and was used

until 1972, and has been preserved just as it was.  . more


Yahata port

Japan’s Modern Steel Works history started here.

Yawata was a rural village with a small population of agriculture and fishing industry. And this place was decided in Parliament as the Japan’s Modern Steel Works construction site in 1897.


Dedicated railway for Yawata Steel Works 

Connected between Yawata and Tobata.

Construction work took three years, and completed in 1930. The most difficult and hard work was making Miyatayama tunnel with a total length of 1180 m due to suffering from floods. The gates of the Miyatayama tunnel are decorated with stately designs.


Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery Studio

In April 2007, based on this theme of “innovation,” the Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery & Studio (KIGS) opened in Yahata, Higashida, the first site of steel manufacturing in Japan’s modern age.  more



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