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Kyushu Travel Guide

Kitakyushu-city hiking tour


Although probably better known as industrial and environmentally advanced cities,

Kitakyushu-city is also blessed with spectacular & stunning natural feature surrounding

mountain and Seto inland Sea as well as Genkai Sea, and is located in the Seto Inland Sea

National Park, Kitakyushu Quasi-National Park ( Mount Sarakura and

Hiraodai Karst Plateau) and Genkai Quasi-National Park.


The city has developed a vibrant hiking courses to go along with its geography.

We offer abundant hiking opportunities in the beautiful nature of Kitakyushu-city.  



 Mount Sarakura 


Mount Satakura is a part of Kitakyushu Quasi-National Park and is located in Yahata-higashi.

The height of the mountain is 633 metre from the sea level.

The 8 courses have developed from Mount Sarakura Cable Car Station to

the summit of the mountain.

It takes about 120 minutes and form Cable Car Station to the top of the mountain.


Spectacular view from  the summit of mount Sarakura can be enjoyed


 Hiraodai Karst Plateau  

Hiraodai Karst Plateau is also part of Kitakyushu Quasi-National Park along with Mount Sarakura

and one of the three largest karst plateau in Japan along with the Akiyoshi-dai Plateau and the 

Shikoku Karst.  It is located in southeastern part of Kitakyushu-city. At altitudes between 400 and

600 meters above sea level and stretching 6 km from north to south and 2 km from east to west.  

There are a lot of hiking courses you can enjoy, and best season are spring and autumn. 



 Mount Komunji  

Mount Komonji is very close to JR Kokura Station and the height is 366 metre from the sea level.

The hiking courses are developed from Adachi-yama forest park to the top of the mountain.

It is very easy hiking and takes about 60 minutes.


From the top, the magnificent view of heart of Kitakyushu-city can be seen.


 Location of Kitakyushu-city




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