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Kunisaki peninsula travel guide


Rural area centered on mount Futago pilgrimage, trekking, onsen, local cuisines

Kunisaki peninsula began to develop 1,300 years ago as a sacred religious ground influenced by  mountain and nature worship, Buddhism, and

Usa shrine rising in the region.  Here remains in Bungo-takada city the historical

background for “home of prayer” consecrating a mass the Shinto deity, Buddha, 

and ancestral spirit. And one of major industry is agriculture and entire area of 

Kunisaki peninsula including Usa are listed on the World Agricultural Heritage.



Welcome to Kunisaki Peninsula

          Lover’s (koikana) Road

                    Rural area

         Shiitake mushrooms


Exploring Kunisaki Peninsula

Showa no machi

The era that lasted till about 30 years ago in Japanese history, Bungo Takada was

the most prosperous in Kunisaki Peninsula for over 300 years from the Edo period up to 1900.
Here remains various old structures and remnants of regional Japanese.


Fuki-ji Temple

The temple is a Tendai Buddhist temple located on the slopes of Mount Futago. The temple was

established in 718 and the temple building is the oldest extant wooden structure in Kyushu.


           Stone lantern

        Temple mail building


Nagasaki-bana Cape

The resort park features a beach, a campsite, restaurant and more. The entire premises gets

painted beautifully with colors of each and every seasonal flower in season.


Sasonal flower premises




     Image of the god Fudo

          Temnemji temple

     Place of Shugendo

     Religious training



This district was once considered the most important estate of Usa Shrine. It has been ascertained

from ancient documents that the rural landscape seen today has remained unchanged since Heian

period. Now included this are, Kunisaki peninsula is listed on the World Agricultural Heritage.

     World Agricultural Heritage

               Paddy field

              Farmers houses


Kumano magaibutu

Hewn in a rock Mt. Tahara are two of largest Buddhist stone carvings in all Japan.   A Fudo-myu-o

8 meter in heigt and Dainich-nyurai 6.8 meter height. Said to have been carved in the Heian period,

they have received government designation as Important Cultural Properties.


                Daiichi nyorai

                   Fudo myoou


Futago-ji Temple

The Central temple of Rokugo-Manzan in Kunisaki peninsula.

The temple was established in 718 by Ninmon and located close to the peak of Mount Futago.

Futagoji’s grounds cover a wide area on the forested slopes of the mountain, with stone and

gravel paths and stairs connecting several halls housing various deities.


Choan-ji Temple


Makino odo

The temple houses nine Buddhists images said to be masterpieces of the Heian period,

including the Maki-Odo Seated Amida Nyorai (Amitabha). Figure and statues of the Four Devas.

All are designated as important national cultural properties.


 Location of Kunisaki peninsula





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