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Kyushu Travel Guide

Study tours to Kitakyushu


Kitakyushu is the best place for Study tours in Japan


We can offer various themes and things for learning.

1)Environment and Waste management

 2)KAIZEN Strategy and Industrial modernization process in Japan

 3)Industrial Heritages including World Heritage

       UNESCO Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revllution sites

 4)STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

5)Citizen community activities for making World leading Environmental

       and SDGs city Kitakyushu



We offer a various themes of Study tours, by providing the following Resources, Natures,

Humman’s history and other required things including lectures.

Industrial, Environment, Recycling & Waste treatment. 


  Where to visit 


 Manufacturing Company  


Nippon Steel Yaskawa Electric TOTO


The World-leading Steel making

company established in Kitakyushu

in 1901


The World-leading motor & industrial

robots manufacturing company

established in Kitakyushu in 1915.

The world’s largest toilet

manufacturer established in 

Kitakyushu in 1917


TOYOTA Motor Kyushu NISSAN Motor Kyushu  


Established in 1991, 100%

shareholder of Toyota Motor. 

Major manufactured car is




The roots of NISSAN is Tobata

Casting funded in Kitakyushu in

1911. Now TEANA, X-TRAIL


are being manufactured.



 Environmental companies and facilities  


Eco Town Center

Hibikinada Biotope


Zero Emission

Transportation System


Eco Project information center

that supports the Eco-town


Japan’s largest Biotope, the

Pradise of creatures made over 

the year in the waste disposal site

The Electric bus driven by the

electricity generated by a solar 

power generation


 Waste treatment and recycling companies and facilities  


Plastic PET Bottle recycling Waste paper recycling    Melting Furnace  


PET (polyethylene terephthalate)

bottles are sorted by municipalities 

and recycled into pellets and flakes


Refined waste papers is recycled

into toilet papers.


The collected waste including

metals is melted in the Melting

Furnace and then the melted 

slag and metals are discharged


 Water treatment plants 


Hiagari Sewage water

treatment plant 

Water Plaza   


The sewage come through the

sewer pipe is purified in the plant

and flow into the sea.


The Plant making fresh water

from sea water and sewage

water established in 2011



 Power generation plants  


Wind Power Generation  J-Power Kyushu Electric Power


Japan’s first wind power

generation plant constructed at

the coast line facing windy strong

Hibikinada sea.


The company have been

supplying low-cost and reliable 

electricity for over 60 years

Kyushu’s first thermal power

plant used LNG and power 

generation capacity is 1,800,000kw.


 STEM Education field  


Kyushu including Kitalyushu provide a various Educational fields for STEM (Science, Technology,

Engineering and Mathematics) as well as Japanese Culture, World peace and History of Christianity





Learn Science, Environment,

Nature, Industry, various history




Field of science devoted to the

study of the lands, features,

inhabitants, phenomena of Earth




Various unique architectures

designed by renowned designers


UNESCO World Heritages and Industrial Heritages

Kitakyushu-city presents various Industrial Heritages including UNESCO World Herigate of Meiji Japan’s

Industrial Revolution.



 Location of Kitakyushu-city





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