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Kitakyushu / UNESCO World Heritage one-day tour


Kitakyushu-city is the birth place of Steel Making Industry in Japan and contributed greatly to

the development of the Japanese industry modernization. The four sites of Yawata Steel Works

in Kitakyushu area have been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage as Sites of Japan’s Meiji

Industrial Revolution in 2015.

This tour introduce how Kitakyushu-city contributed to Japan’s industrial modernization with

unprecedented speed in the world and also the history to Environmental Future City can be

learned while visiting World Heritage sites and related Industry Heritages.



Tour conditions 

The tour is the private tour exclusively for your group.

・Minimum number : 2 person

・Maximum number : 30 person

・Start and end of the tour is Fukuoka-city, please specify the place where you want

・Tour date : please specify the date

・English speaking tour attendant escorts your journey to produce a pleasant trip.

・Chartered vehicle is utilized as per number of person.





8:00 Depart Fukuoka-city

Transfer to Kitakyushu-city using Kyushu Expressway, 1 hours 

Visit World Heritage and related site in Kitakyushu

Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace

First Head Office the Steel Works  UNESCO World Heritage

Lunch in Kokura

Kawachi Reservoir  → Minami Kawachi bridge

Onga River Pump Station UNESCO World Heritage

Transfer to Fukuoka-city

18:00 Arrive at Fukuoka-city



Where to visit  


Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace

The only one in the world, the Blast Furnace which was actually used

until 1972is preserved as it was.  This place is the birth place of 

Japan’s modern steel industry began in 1901 and It contributed greatly

to the development of the Japanese steel industry.


First Head Office of the Steel Works

Built in 1899, ahead of production facilities. It is an architectural fusion

of Japanese and European design, a two story red brick building with

bilateral symmetry and a central dome set in a Japanese tile roof.


Kawachi Reservoir

The reservoir for supplying water to Yawata Steel Works; the construction

took 8 years and was completed in 1927.  The concept of the designer

Hisanori Numata was “Civil engineering is an eternal monument”. The

Dam in harmony with nature, is imaged European Castle and  the volume

7milion cubic metre reservoir.


Minami Kawachi-bashi bridge

The only remaining lenticular truss bridge in Japan  ( lens type truss bridge),
located at the south side of Kawachi Reservoir and it was designed by
Hisanori Numata.  This shape and color really harmonize with nature and 
become a symbol of the Iron town Yahata.


Onga River Pump Station

Built in 1910 on the east bank of the Onga River. It served, and still serves,

to deliver industrial water to Yawata via an 11.4 km pipeline. This supply is

integral to the steel production process and was necessary to cope with the 

1st phase expansion of the Imperial Steel Works.

Map of Kitakyushu




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