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Kirishima travel guide



Located in the north-eastern part of Kagoshima  and is the entrance to the Kirishima district of Kirishima Yaku National Park, which includes the Kirishima volcanic chain, Sakura-jima Island

and Yaku shima Islands.


Where to explore  


Kirishima Shrine   

One of the most beautiful shrine in Kyushu, and is surrounded by forest. The Shrine buildings are

constructed in 1715 and designated as Important Cultural Property of Japan.



Kirishima Onsen 

Lying on the lower slopes of the Kirishima Mountain with a distant view over

Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima below. The area is made up of over a dozen Onsen,

of which the largest and best know is Maruo Onsen.



Black Vinegar in Kirishima 

The Fukuyama area along Kinko Bay is home to the famous Japanese black vinegar.

Over here, one can tour the old-fashioned Tshubobatake which literally means a field of

vinegar jars, witness the traditional manufacturing process of the black vinegar, taste and

purchase the finished product.



General information  

Address City hall  : 3-45-1 Kokubu-chuo, Kirishima-city, Kagoshima-prefecture

3 hours and 15 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka-city

2 hours and 10 minutes by a vehicle from Kumamoto-city

1 hours and 50 minutes by a vehicle from Miyazaki-city

50 minutes by a vehicle from Hitoyoshi-city

Population 125,000   Population density 2100 / km2




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Chiran travel guide



Called a small Kyoto in Kagoshima, offer you a fine collection of Samurai houses and 

gardens that were built about 260 years ago.


Chiran Samurai Residence

Those Samurai Houses were built about 250 years ago. Their gardens are beautiful designed,

with Mt. Hahaga-dake as the background. Other natural elements are also incorporated, making

the whole area resemble a series of miniature of Japanese gardens housed in boxes. Seven of

the gardens are designated as natural scenic spots.



Chiran Peace Museum for the Kamikaze Pilots

This museum exhibits precious materials such as pictures, letters, wills, articles and mementos

of the 1,036 Kamikaze pilots based in Chiran who participated in the Battle for Okinawa towards

the end of World War 2.  It also houses a No.3 type fighter aircraft, Hien.




General information

Address Chirancho-gun, Minami-Kyushu-city, Kagoshima-prefecture

60 minutes by a vehicle from Kagoshima-city

Population  12,000,    Population density 110




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Ibusuki and Satsuma peninsula travel guide



Ibusuki and surrounded area Satsuma peninsula extends about 50 kilometers south from

Kagoshima-citymaking up the south-western section of Kagoshima-prefecture. The peninsula

offers a mixture of hot springs, subtropical natural attractions and cultural sites. Ibusuki is an

Onsen resort that is famous for its sand baths, where bathers are buried in naturally heated sand.


Ibusuki Onsen resort

It is best known for its steaming sand baths along the beach, where bathers in a yukata, or

Japanese bathrobe get buried in the sand up to their neck.  The sand heated by steam 

containing marine minerals is scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects on neuralgia,

rheumatism, back pain and other ailments.




Ikeda-ko lake

A circumference of 15 km and a maximum depth of 233 meter, where was created by volcanic

activity long ago. Large eel with a length of 2 meter and circumference of 50 cm inhabit the lake.

It was also known as the lake of a legendary monster called ” Issy” purported to live in the lake. 



Nishi-Oyama Station

The Station is the southernmost railway station in Japan operated by JR, boasts a breath taking

view of Kaimon-dake volcano to the front.



Ryugu Shrine

It is the Urashima Taro legendary shrine peninsula and this shrine is becoming popular as a

power spot of matchmaking and good fortune in love.



Nagasaki-bana Cape

The cape is the southernmost point of Satsuma peninsula, where a white lighthouse stands.

You can enjoy the view of the magnificent Mount Kaimondake and rocks with the sea spray

wearing them. The Cape is said to be the birthplace of the legend of Ryugu.




Enjoy tasting Shochu at the most famous Shochu brewery in Kagoshima Meiji-gura is

Satsuma Shuzo’s Shochu brewery and museum.



Makurazaki Osakana Center




Somen noodle nagashi

The unique Somen noodle nagashi in Tosenkyo ravine in Kaimon open throughout the 

year serving cold Somen noodle that swim in the revolving container.



General information 


City hall ; 2424 Juchu Ibusuki-city, Kagoshima-prefecture

Access 1 hour and 40 minutes by a vehicle from Kagoshima Airport

50 minutes by a vehicle from Kagoshima-chuo JR Station

55 minutes by JR Express train from Kagoshima-chuo JR Station

1 hour and 15 minutes by local train from from Kagoshima-chuo JR Station


Kagoshima kotsu bus

Population 40,000            Population density : 270 / km2 




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Kagoshima travel guide



Kagoshima is the southernmost prefecture in Kyushu which can see Sakura-jima which raises

the smoke across the Kagoshima Bay. Kagoshima prospered in the Edo period as a castle

town, and is a hometown of Takamori Saigo who contributed to the Meiji Restoration



Where to explore

/ UNESCO World Heritage

Sengan-en is the most famous garden in Kagoshima-prefecture, made by Shimazu lord in the 19th

century at the beautiful bay side Kinko bay. The garden contains many historic artifacts that tell of

its long history.


      Mount Sakurajima

   Shimazu family residence

            Suzumon gate


Shoko Shuseikan Modern Industrial Complex   / UNESCO World Heritage

The museum of the Classics located here exhibits a various of objects related to the Shimazu

family and the Satsuma domain, introducing a Shimazu family tree chart and many other

belongings. The stone building which houses the collection has been designated on the

UNESCO World Heritage,  Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution


        Shoko Shuseikan

     Reflectance furnace

  Base of Reflectance furnace


Shiroyama Park

The park is most famous for its Shiroyama Observatory with spectacular views over downtown

Kagoshima, Kagoshima Bay and Sakura-jima.


       Shiroyama Park

   Stand at the Observatory

        View from the top


Sakura-jima Island

An active volcano with three peaks, Kita-dake, Naka-dake and still active Minami-dake.

Formerly an island, it became connected with the Osumi Peninsula in 1914 when lava from its

summit closed the channel between the two.


   View from Yoshino Park  

   Yunohira Observatory


 Arimura Lava Observatory        


Sakura-jima Ferry

The Ferry connects Kagoshima-city and Sakurajima in 15 minutes and is operated for 24 hours.


          Kagoshima Port

           To Sakura-jima Island

       Sakura-jima Port


Cape Sata

The southernmost Cape of main land Japan at 31′ 00″ latitude. Cape Sata is home to many sub-tropical

flowers. Visitors may board a semi-submersible glass bottomed boat called the “Sata Day Go” to enjoy

coral reefs marine creatures and the underwater world.



General information  

Address City hall  : 11-1 Yamashita-cho, Kagoshima-city, Kagoshima-prefecture

3 hours and 30 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka-city

2 hours and 30 minutes by a vehicle from Kumamoto-city

1 hours and 30 minutes by a vehicle from Hitoyoshi-city


90 minutes by a Shinkansen from Hakata to Kagoshima-chuo

60 minutes by a Shinkansen from Hakata to Kagoshima-chuo

Population 596,000   Population density 1,090 / km2




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