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77 years since the Atomic bomb was dropped in Nagasaki

Disastrous War must not be repeated. 

The plutonium atomic bomb was dropped in Nagasaki at 11:02 a.m. on August 9, 1945. 

The most part of Nagasaki was destroyed, and a tremendous number of lives were lost. 

And about 70,000 of Nagasaki’s 240,000 residents died instantly, and up to 60,000 were injured.

Aug. 9, 2022

Kaiseki / the ultimate Japanese dining experience

Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal and is served at Japanese style

accommodation as dinner or at high-class Japanese restaurants.


Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner made up of dozens of small

dishes with different tastes and textures. It is considered the most refined form of

washoku (Japanese cuisine), which was designated as an Intangible Cultural

Heritage by UNESCO.



With fresh seasonal ingredients and delicious flavor combinations that are carefully

selected and beautifully presented to you, kaiseki is definitely a must-try for anyone

visiting Japan.


May 06, 2022

Concept of our tour

The travel is not hop the famous tourist attractions.

Our concept of travel is that the worth to travel is to have experience of each region

during the journey.

You will experience various feelings such as excitement, relaxation, healing, peacefulness

and tranquility in the different areas of travel.

You can also enjoy plenty of things can be enjoyed even while travelling from town to town,

such as scenery never seen before, cuisines never eaten, Japanese culture and other



Feb. 21, 2022

Consideration of the customized tours

We offer the optimized and enjoyable tour in consideration of member structure such as gender, age

as well as physical condition (for example whether to use wheelchair) to create special and exciting

experiences and lifetime memories

1) Itinerary   

  To decide the destinations, tourist attractions as well as travelling route as per your

  preference and travelling pace

2) Accommodation

 To offer Suitable accommodation for your memorable stay in consideration of location, meals,

 Onsen, facilities as well as services with homely atmosphere

3) Transportation

 To utilize the private vehicles such as taxi and bus that provide travel safety and security

4) Meals

  To offer real Japanese foods and local cuisines


Feb. 20, 2022

Plum blossom

I feel the coming of spring today.
The plum blossoms at the Shinozaki Shrine have begun to bloom.

Feb. 11, 2020

Shinto shrine

There are over eighty thousand Shinto shrines in Japan, and they represent the oldest

architectural style in the country. Shinto is a religion unique to Japan. Respect for land and

nature is its basic premise. Usually there is a mirror in the case inside each Shrine.

This is the symbol of Shrine’s deity. Shinto customs are common in Japanese life. 

Jan. 14, 2022


In Japan, Onsen  are the country’s hot springs and the bathing facilities and traditional inns 

around them. Most Japanese love bathing in Onsen (hot springs), and many believe that the water

can cure certain ailments. There are many volcanoes around Japan, and therefore many Onsen.

Each Onsen is said to have its own healing property. Onsen resorts or hotels either use water from

actual spring or they boil mineral water. Onsen resorts have opened all over the country, and many

hotels have outside baths offering spectacular views. Public baths are also very common in Japan.

They generally have Jacuzzies, garden bathe, and saunas. At Onsen, people actually wash their

bodies before getting into the water. It is bad manners to use soap or towels in the bath itself.

 Jan. 13, 2022

Japanese Castle

Long ago Japan was divided into many small provinces. The lords of each province fought to take

each other’s territory. Castles were built by the lords to show off their power and control their provinces.

They were both residences and military bases. They were made of wood, but used various defensive

devices for protection. For example, moats were built around some castles. In fact, moats around the

Imperial Palace in Tokyo, which used to be Edo Castle, are still preserved.

Additionally, many castles were built on plateaus or hills. The slopes were then steepened, making

them difficult for enemies to climb. In some castles the grounds from the gate to main building were

designed like a maze to confuse enemies.

The main castle building is usually in the center and is called the Tensyukaku (Castle tower).

They are tall and magnificent structure. The loads and their immediate servants lived in the Tensyukaku.

 Jan. 12, 2022 

Hidden Christian in Japan

Hidden Christian refers to the Christian believers who adhered to the Christian faith in secret

during the period of prohibition of Christianity in Edo period ( 1603-1868). Many Christians

were forced to apostatize to avoid being persecuted. However, some went underground secretly

to keep their faith, and some remained true to their faith in secret in remote area.

Some Christians disguised themselves as Buddhist by keeping an image of Virgin Mary which

looked like the Kannon, Buddhist deity of mercy (Maria-Kannon Image).

Some kept crosses hidden in their homes, along with Jesus disguised as Jizo-Bosatsu ( the

Buddhist guardian deity of children ). Suspected Christians were forced to step on pictures of

Virgin Mary and infant Jesus (Fumi-e)  in order to prove that they were not Christians.

In 1873, during Meiji Restoration, the prohibition of Christianity was abolished after appeals by

foreign countries.

Jan. 11, 2022

Coming-of-Age Day ceremony in Kitakyushu-city

Coming-of-Age Day Ceremony in Kitakyushu-city is held at Media Dome today.

When Japanese people celebrate the coming of age all the youth who have reach the age of

twenty in course of the year proceeding it.

The local cities and communities play host to them at the celebration ceremonies, where

many girls attend in gorgeous Kimono specially prepared this occasion.


Jan. 09, 2022