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Coming-of-Age Day ceremony in Kitakyushu-city

Coming-of-Age Day Ceremony in Kitakyushu-city is held at Media Dome today.

When Japanese people celebrate the coming of age all the youth who have reach the age of

twenty in course of the year proceeding it.

The local cities and communities play host to them at the celebration ceremonies, where

many girls attend in gorgeous Kimono specially prepared this occasion.


Jan. 09, 2022

The unique designed building next to our office

The unique building located near JR Kokura station, next to our office is Kitakyushu International

Conference Center Building, designed by Arata Isozaki.


Jan. 08, 2022

Oyster Barbecue hut in Kitakyushu

The huts open during the season, from end of October to March or April.

Kitakyushu-city is one of the best place to enjoy Oyster barbecue including sea foods.



Jan. 07, 2022

Why is Japanese religious orientation eclectic ?

Japanese indigenous religion, Shinto, has no founder or written doctrine and places

a great emphasis on ancestor and nature worship.

Japanese with no strong religious beliefs consider religion as traditional customs handed

down from ancestors. This has developed great tolerance for other religions.

The other Japanese major religion, Buddhist, has the founder, but he was a human, not the absolute,

almighty god as that of Christianity or Islam.

This has also contributed to Japanese tolerance toward other religions.

Those are the reason why Japanese religious orientation is eclectic.


Jan. 02, 2022

Hatsumode / 初詣

Hatsumode is a religious customer in Japan on New Year’s Day.

The first visit of the year to a shrine or temple at New Year’s.

Worshippers often visit noted shrines or temples on New Year’s Eve or first of January

to pray for happiness and prosperity in the new year.

Some of people visit shrines or temples on the first three days of New Year or later during the first week.

To buy good-luck charms such as hamaya at the stalls on their way back home.


Jan. 01, 2022

Field trip for IUJ on Dec. 23

Field trip for International University of Japan in Nagasaki on Dec. 23.

Learning World Peace ; visit Atomic bomb museum, Ground Zero, Peace fountain and

Peace Statue


 Dec. 23, 2021

Field trip for IUJ on Dec. 22

Field trip for International University of Japan in Nagasaki on Dec. 22.

Lecture from professor at Dejima Messe, Environmental tour at Huis Ten Bosch


 Dec. 22, 2021

Field trip for IUJ on Dec. 21

Field trip for International University of Japan in Nagasaki on Dec. 21.

Where to visit ; Gunkan-jima Cruise, Nagasaki China town, Negane-bashi bridge,

Oura Cathedral, Glover Garden.



Dec. 21, 2021

Field trip for IUJ on Dec. 20

Field trip for International University of Japan in Nagasaki on Dec. 20.

visit Dejima and enjoy night view from Mt. Inasa


Dec. 20, 2021

Massage for World Peace from Dr. Nagai

Dr. Takashi Nagai (3 February 1908 – 1 May 1951) was a Catholic physician specializing in radiology,

an author, and a survivor of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. His subsequent life of prayer and service

earned him the affectionate title “saint of Urakami”.

Massage for World Peace from Dr. Nagai

The person who pray for peace must not hide even needles, for a person who possesses

is not qualified to pray peace.


Dec. 18, 2021