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Hakozaki Shrine


Hakozaki Shrine founded in 923, is one of the three great Hachiman shrines in Japan

along with the Usa Shrine.   

It is one of the representive shrines of Fukuoka-city and the place where many people come to

hatsumode or to worship at the beginning of the year and during festivals such as Tamaseseri

in January and Hojoya in September. 




Tamaseseri / wooden ball catching festival


New Year’s Festival held in January, including a traditional form of fortune-telling. Several hundred men

wearing lion cloths compete on piggy back in two teams, the “sea” team and the “land” team team, 
for possession of a wooden ball.







General information

Address 1-22-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-city

A short walk from Subway Hakozaki-gu-mae station

10 minutes by a vehicle from JR Hakata station



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