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Hakata Gion Yamagasa Festival (博多祇園山笠)


One of the most exciting summer festival in Japan  
takes place from July 1 to 15 and is held at 
Kushida-jinja Shrine in Hakata. 

There are two kinds of festival floats called Yamagasa.

One is Kazari-yamagasa with 15 meters high, a gorgeously decorated festival float which is decked with elaborate dolls and castles.
The other is Kakiyamakasa with 6 meters high, a simply decorated festival float which is made for carrying on the shoulders and used 
in the Oiyama race.

The festival features the exciting race called Oiyama climaxing on July 15.


Teams of men clad in short happi-coats and loincloths dash down the city street at full speed carrying their own one-ton Kakiyamakasa on their shoulders along a 5-kilometer course.

A spectacle that must be seen to be believed.

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