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Yufuin is a beautiful and quietly rustic Onsen Resort where one of the

most popular among ladies and International tourist visits to here are increasing. 

Yufuin is located near Beppu in a green valley beneath the spectacular Mt. Yufu, a short walk from the

town center will take you to a mix of paddy fields, housing and unmarked Ryokan, with the old temple

thrown in.



Explore Yufuin


Kinrinko lake

One of landmark in Yufuin. Hot water gushes from the bottom of the lake, and hot

steam rises from its surface on a cold day.  The lake is located at the end of the town’s main

walking route, about a kilometer and a half from the Yufuin station



The old public outdoor bath with a thatched roof beside Kinrinko lake in Yufuin.
The bathing here is mixed, as baths often were before the arrival, during the Meiji period

( 1869 – 1912). 


Yufuin Floral Village


Wander about the street



Kamenoi Besso,  a featured accommodation around Kinrinko lake



               Location of Yufuin


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