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Chikugo region


Chikugo region consists of Asakura, Akizuki, Ukiha, Tanushimaru, and Yame


The Kyuhsu’s largest Chikugo River which flows from Mount Aso through the Chikugo region
to Ariake Sea. The Kyushu’s largest Chikugo plain spreading in the Chikugo River basin,
where people live from ancient time and the various cultures have been created.
There are a lot of features here such as rural land scape, fruit fields, ancient ruins,
shrines, temples, castle town, Sake brewery, Onsen (hot spring), scrumptious local cosines, 
Japanese cultural experiences.


Exploring Chikugo


Asakura Triple Water Wheel  Yamada Weir  Toho Village 



Sakurano-baba Street   Cherry Blossoms Autumn leaves 


Harazuru Onsen 

Gate way   Chikugo River Onsen resort



Over view of the town   Canal in the town Shirakabe-dori Avenue 

Featured Restaurant, Shirakabe, located at Shirakabe-dori Avenue

Nijino Mino-no-sato, local Farmer’s Market



Kirin Beer Farm, at Asakura

Reataurant Cosmos Garden Cosmos flowers


Breweries in Tanushimaru

Sake Brewery Shochu Brewery Winery



Tea plantation   Kurogi Wisteria tree Sake brewery


Fruit picking  in Asakura, Ukiha and Tanushimaru

Strawberry, Grape, Pear, Apple and Persimmon



                                Location of Chikugo




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