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2 days Kitakyushu tour, enjoy the most dynamic night veiw in the World

  Tailor-made Group tour, NEWS

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2 days Kitakyushu tour, enjoy the most d…の続きを読む

Tram in Nagasaki

  Nagasaki travel guide

  The Nagasaki Electric Tramway provides a convenient and affordable way to travel around the main attractions of N …

Tram in Nagasaki…の続きを読む

Seiro-mushi, Yufuin Kagura

  Yufuin travel guide

  Seiro-mushi refers to a cooking technique in which food ingredients are put into a bamboo basket used for steamin …

Seiro-mushi, Yufuin Kagura…の続きを読む


The literal meaning of chinoike is blood-coloured pond. The clay is steaming hot point that the steam is red. Japan’s ol …


Oniishi Bouzu-Jigoku

Oniishibozu-jigoku is one of the recommended site along with Umi-jigoku. Oniishi shaving Head Hell, large and small bubb …

Oniishi Bouzu-Jigoku…の続きを読む


  Umi-Jigoku is the most recommended site in the Hell tour. Gazing out upon the mystically cool cobalt-blue of this …


Gokase Winery

  Takachiho travel guide

  Gokase Winery is located near Takachiho, in the beautiful plateau at an altitude of 600m. All the wines are being …

Gokase Winery…の続きを読む

Sanrio Harmoneyland

  Beppu travel guide

  A theme park dedicated to the various Sanrio characters including Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll and My Melody. Harmony …

Sanrio Harmoneyland…の続きを読む

Former Shitsu Aid Center

  Nagasaki travel guide

  I want to save people in the Sotome from poor life. Former Shitsu Aid Centeris indispensable in talking about the …

Former Shitsu Aid Center…の続きを読む

Shitsu Church

  Nagasaki travel guide

  Built in 1882 by Father de Rotz, this low-ceiling church features a brick exterior, wood interior and stone entra …

Shitsu Church…の続きを読む