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2 days Kitakyushu tour, enjoy the most dynamic night veiw in the World

  Tailor-made Group tour, NEWS

                                                                                             Make an Enquiry   This …

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Kyushu tour results


  We are providing any kind of tours, Sightseeing tour, Pilgrimage tour, Golf tour and Study tour as per customers …

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8 days enjoy nature, Onsen and local speciality tour


                                                                          Make an Enquiry   This is the model …

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Customized tour

  Japan tours to Kyushu

  When designing customized tour, we take into consideration the diversity of  travellers from around the world, We …

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Travel Agent in Fukuoka


  We are the Travel Agent for International tourists specialising in Kyushu. Our office in Fukuoka where is gateway …

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Christian Pilgrimage tours in Nagasaki region

  Japanese Christianity has a unique history of continuing faith while coexisting with Japanese Religion Shinto and …

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Short duration tours in Kyushu


  This is the model plans for making your customized tour. Many kind of fascinating tourist destinations are concentrate …

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6 days Nagasaki Pilgrimage tour

  Christian Pilgrimage tours

This is the model plan for making your customized tour. Exploring Pilgrimage sites in Sotome, Nagasaki, Shimabara, Unzen …

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History of Industrial modernization


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Manga Museum and Aru Aru City

  Kitakyushu travel guide

  The Kitakyushu Manga Museum is located next to JR Kokura station. The museum is located on the 6th floor of Aru A …

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