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Day 2 Nagasaki & Unzen

                                                                                                     Nagasaki Pilgrimage 6 days tour
In Nagasaki,Atomic bombexploded at 11:02 a.m. on August 9, 1945.  The most part of
Nagasaki was destroyed, and a tremendous number of lives were lost.

Nagasaki is now appealing for World Peace, Disastrous War must not be repeated.

Unzen is Located in the centre of Shimabara peninsula, at the southwest part of

Mount Unzen with an altitude of 700m. It is started receiving foreign tourists around the

year 1900 when Kaempfer and Siebold introduced the city to Europe and China.


Transfer to Unzen

Nita Pass 

Unzen Jigoku

Stay at Unzen




The Japan’s longest foot bath in Obama


Where to visit  

Established in 1955 near the Ground Zero where the Atomic Bomb was droppedat 11:02 am

on Aug. 09, 1945. Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in front of the statue on August 9 every

year and the Mayor of Nagasaki makes the “Nagasaki peace declaration” for the whole world.


Atomic Bomb Museum

The museum exhibits a number of photograph that depict the devastation caused by atomic

bomb showing the lead-up to this tragic day, the history of the development of nuclear arms

and our desire for peace.



Ground Zero

The plutonium atomic bomb exploded about 500m over the central monument at 11:02 a.m.on

August 9, 1945.   The most part of Nagasaki was destroyed, and a tremendous number of lives

were lost. And about 70,000 of Nagasaki’s 240,000 residents died instantly, and up to 60,000

were injured. 



Peace Statue

Completed in 1955, ten years after the atomic bombing. The 9.7 meter high statue sitting on

a 4 meter tall pedestal, made by renown sculptor Kitamura Seibo. The raised arm points to the

threat of nuclear weapons and the out-stretched arm symbolizes peace.



Lunch at Obama Onsen


Obama Chanpon 

It is a local cuisine in Obama Onsen resort, made of noodles, seafood, and vegetables. The feature

of the restaurant in Obama Onsen serving everything from any Japanese style including Susi and

Chanpon. Shrimp are found in abundance along the beaches near the Onsen, and a special soup

is made from them.



Unzen, Nita Pass

Unzen is a beautiful mountain and Onsen resort, and was the first area to be designated as   

a National Park in Japan. At any time of the year the natural scenery of Nita-toge Pass in Unzen

is magnificent. Azaleas, green leaves, brilliant autumnal tints of maples and silver frost

represent each season of the year.



Means Hell, is the number one attraction of Unzen with a peculiar smell of sulfur emitted from

the springs, and with white smoke rising from the ground over a wide area. Unfortunately, this

was once put into reality nearly 350 years ago during the time of religious persecution in Japan. 

 30 Japanese Christians, failing to renounce their faith met their death here in the scalding spring

of Jigoku.





The Japan’s longest foot bath in Obama

Called “Hot foot 105  The length of foot bath is 105m which is same number of the hot spring

source temperature of 105 degree Celsius.



Local specialities, Souvenir shop




Unzen Onsen Resort

There are 17 Hotels and Japanese style inns around Unzen Jigoku. From every hotel, beautiful 

scenery which changes by season can be enjoyed.



Nagasaki Peace Park








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