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Shimabara is a city located on the north-eastern tip of Shimabara Peninsula, facing Ariake Bay 

in the east and Mt. Unzen including Mt. Fugen. 

The most popular tourist destinations in Shimabara city are the Shimabara Castle. Shimabara is

also blessed with many Onsen.
There is so much natural spring water, both hot and cold, that it runs through the streets.



Welcome to Shimabara

Shimabara-gaiko Shimabara port Kuchinotsu port


Exploring Shimabara

Shimabara Castle moat Shimabara Castle tower View from Castle tower


Samurai Houses Samurai Houses  inside Samurai Street  


Harajo Castle ruins  Site of Shimabara Revellion Amakusa Shiro Statue



                 Location of Shimabara





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