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Kyushu Travel Guide

Fukuoka travel guide


Fukuoka-city is the Heart of Kyushu


Fukuoka-city is the biggest city in Kyushu and the energetic city bustling

as the center of Kyushu’s politics, economy, culture, fashion as well as tourism.


Fukuoka-city has many kind of fascinating tourist attractions and abundant tourism materials

which are different from the other destinations in Kyushu.

When visiting Kyushu, Fukuoka-city is the place to be incorporate in the travel plan


And due to its location Fukuoka-city is the great starting point for exploring Kyushu.



When you travel to Kyushu, we offer various types of customized private 

Tours and Trips exclusively for you.


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Welcome to Fukuoka  

JR Hakata Station Tenjin area Canal City Hakata


The largest and busiest JR train

station in Kyushu

The biggest shopping district

in Kyushu 

The complex commercial facility, 

in the heart of Fukuoka-city

Seaside Momochi area Fukuoka Tower Seaside Park & Marizon 

The water-front resort area JR

Hakata Station and Tenjin

Japan’s highest coastal tower,

magnificent view from the top


A complex facility for wedding

hall, shops and restaurants


Nokonoshima Island Nakasu Hakata Ramen at Yatai

In the Hakara bay, beautiful

Flower gardens through the year 

One of the largest entertainment

district in western Japan

Food stalls “Yatai” is one thing

to enjoy in Fukuoka.


  Historical place and Cultute of Japan  


Kushida Shrine  Tochoiji Temle Hakata Machiya Furusatokan

Hakata Gion Yamagasa Festival

is held in the shrine 

The oldest temple of the

Shingon sect in Japan


The folk museum depicts the life

and culture of Hakata Fukuoka


Fukuoka Castle Ruins Hakozaki Shrine  Ohori-koen Park

Part of stone wall and canal, and

the Tamon tower are still left 

Founded in 923, one of the three great Hachiman shrines in Japan

Rich in greenery and encircling

a lake two km in circumference


Kawabata Shopping Street Marinoa City Fukuoka Yusentei Garden

400 m down town street,

100 shops and restaurants

A large shopping mall, sports equipment store, car accessories

The time-honored Japanese

garden, originally built in 1754


Fukuoka Chuo Wholesale

fish Market


Seaside Park

Marine World



Fukuoka Open Top Bus  / Sightseeing bus in Fukuoka-city

The Open-air deck bus with 3.2m high show you main tourist destinations in Fukuoka-city.

The tour is started from Fukuoka City Hall


 Featured tours from Fukuoka-city 


Fukuoka-city is the starting poing for all the featured destinations in Kyushu.

We can cover all the area of Kyushu, and we have prepare the two type of Itineraries of

Short duration journey and Kyushu Round tour.


 Short duration journey  


Short duration journey shows the tours within 3 days, travelling featured destinations in

Fukuoka-prefecture and near Fukuoka-prefecture.




 Fukuoka-city one-day tour


Kitakyushu-city one-day tour


Kawachi Wisteria garden & Kitakyushu-city one-day tour


Kitakyushu / UNESCO Industry Revolution one-day tour          


Kitakyushu-city hiking tour


● Yanagawa & Dazaifu one-day tour


Itoshima one-day tour


Munakata & Fukutsu / UNESCO Sacred region one-day tour  


Munakata, Oshiama & Okinoshima / UNESCO Sacred region one-day tour


Toho village, Asakura Ukiha one-day tour


Yoshii & Yanagawa Hina doll festival one-day tour


Kurume & Yame region one-day tour





Saga-city one-day tour 


Takeo & Yutoku Inari Shrine one-day tour


Karatsu & Yobuko one-day tour


Arita & Imari one-day tour





Nagasaki one-day tour


Nagasaki / UNESCO Hidden Christian sites one-day tour


Nagasaki / UNESCO Hidden Christian sites 3 days tour


Nagasaki / UNESCO Industrial Revolution one-day tour       


Shimabara & Unzen 2 days tour


Sasebo & Huis Ten Bosch one-day tour





Yufuin & Beppu Onsen 2 days tour


Usa & Kunisaki one-day tour 



 Kumamoto & Miyazaki-prefecture  


Kumamoto, Aso and Takachiho 3 days tour


Aso and Takachiho / Dynamic Nature 2 days tour    


Takachiho one-day tour


●  Amakusa / UNESCO Hidden Christian sites 2 days tour



 Kyushu Round tours  


Kyushu Round tours shows the long duration tours travelling the featured destinations

in Kyushu.


11 days Kyushu tour


8 days Northern & Central Kyushu tour


8 days Southern Kyushu tour


6 days North-West Kyushu tour


7 days Central Kyushu tour


6 days North-Eest Kyushu tour




Location of Fukuoka-city    



 General information  



City hall : 1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

Cabinet designate city


To main destinations in Kyushu by a vehicle

  Ibusuki :  4 hours and 20 minutes,  Kagoshima : 3 hours and 30 minutes

  Miyazaki : 3 hours and 40 minutes ,  Aso : 2 hours and 20 minutes

  Kumamoto : 1 hour and 50 minutes , Beppu : 1 hour and 50 minutes

  Yufuin : 1 hour and 40 minutes, Nagasaki : 2 hours and 10 minutes

  Saga : 1 hour and 10 minutes ,  Kitakyushu : 1 hour and 10 minutes  



  Fukuoka International Airport

  Fukuoka domestic Airport

JR main station : Hakata Station


  to Busan, Korea

  to Iki and Tsushima, Nagasaki-prefecture

  to Goto, Nagasaki-prefecture

  to Okinawa

  to Nigata and Hokkaido

City transportation

  Fukuoka City Subway

  Nishitetsu Bus

  Nishitetsu train 

Population 1,570,000      population density : 4,570 / km2




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