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Kyushu Travel Guide

Study tours & field trips to Kyushu


We offer a various themes of Study tours in Kitakyushu-city including Fukuoka-city

and in Nagasaki-city


Reasons of Kitakyushu-city  

1. Industrial and Environmental features

Japanese industry at the end of 19th century was 200years behind. After Mathew C Perry came

to Japan in 1853, Japan’s industrial Revolution was started. Since Japan’s modern Steel Industry

operation commenced In 1901 in Kitakyushu, Japan became the world’s leading industrialized

country in only 100 years

・Birthplace of Japanese modern steel industry

・Various Industries in Japan were born here follow the Steel industry

・Many Environmental tecnologies have been developed after experienced serious environmental

    pollution problem

・Kitakyushu Asian Center for Low Carbon Society established in 2010

    for promoting carbon reduction in Asia

Selected the Environmental Future City and the Model City for Green Growth in Asia

    by OECD in 2011

・The city has been awarded the special prize of the Japan SDGs (Sustainable Development

    Goals ) awards in 2017

・World leading Solid Waste and Recycling Management

・Providing Water treatment technologies and know-how to the World

2. Geographical features

The city is blessed with spectacular & stunning natural feature and have One National Park

(Seto Inland Sea) and two Quasi-National Parks (Genkai and Kitakyushu).

Those Nature offer the Geographical and Science educational study.

3 Economical and Political features

・Cabinet designated city with 940,000 population

・Japan’s most advanced Active Aging city


Reasons of Nagasaki-city 

Only the trading port open gateway to Europe during Japan’s self-imposed isolation of Edo period

・Hidden Christian site, the Christian faith continued even during the ban on Christianity 

・Greatly contributed Japan’s Industrial developement for Ship building and Coal mining Industies

The Atomic Bomb was dropped in1945, and the Mayor of Nagasaki makes the “Nagasaki peace

    declaration” for the whole world on August 9 every year.




 What to learn  


We offer a various themes of Study tours, by providing the following Resources, Natures,

Humman’s history and other required things including lectures.


Industry, Environment, Recycling & Waste treatment   Kitakyushu-city


Study tour to Kitakyushu 

Kitakyushu-city offers a various Resources Study tours for Industry,  Environment,

Recycling & Waste tratment, as well as well organized proper management systems.

We can arrange the Customized Study tour in accordance with your requirement  

by the use of Study tour resources in Kitakyushu.

STEM Education field   Kitakyushu-city and Fukuoka-city


Kyushu provide a various Educational fields for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering

and Mathematics) as well as Japanese Culture, World peace and History of Christianity




Learn Science, Environment,

Nature, Industry, various history




Field of science devoted to the

study of the lands, features, inhabitants, phenomena of Earth




Various unique architectures

designed by renowned designers


UNESCO World Heritages and Industrial Heritages

Kitakyushu-city presents various Industrial Heritages including UNESCO World Herigate of Meiji Japan’s

Industrial Revolution.

Learning of World peace and Christianity    Nagasaki-city

World Peace




Disastrous War must not be



Hidden Christian Sites

in Nagasaki region



UNESCO World Heritage sites

Japan’s unique practice of the

Christian faith continued even

during the ban on Christianity






 Our services  
We are the specialist for study tour in this field and are the member of Kitakyushu-city Environment
and Health Association.
Providing the Study tour plan

The visiting company and places are suggested in accordance with theme of learning.
And the plan and schedule is decided by discussing with Customer.

 Arrangement the tour

・Inspection of the company and technical facility
・Visiting the university and school

Visiting Municilal and Local goverment including Residents’ Association
・Provide the lectures to respond the questions and requirements

・Organize a interpreter

・the accommodation and transportation                                      




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