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11 days Kyushu tour for Singapore customer

Type of the tour : Tailor made tour

Country of customer : Singapore

Number of participants: 5person

Schedule : Dec 8 through Dec 18, 2019

Transportation : Chartered jumbo taxi

Guide: English speaking driver


Where to explore

 Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki,Unzen, Kumamoto, Aso,Takachiho Yufuin, Beppu



Tour result


Day 1, Dec 8

8:10   Arrive at Fukuoka Airport by SQ656

10:30-16:30 Saga sightseeing

Mifune yama rakuen Park   Arita Porcelain Park  Ureshino Tea Museum   

 Stay at Takeo Century Hotel


Day 2, Dec 9

9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Nagasaki

Nagasaki Sightseeing

Peace Park, Grand zero Lunch at China town

Glover Garden, Oura Cathedral


Stay at Hotel New Nagasaki



Day 3, Dec 10


9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Shimabara

Shimabara Castle and lunch at Himematsu-ya (special local cuisine)


Transfer to Unzen

Nita pass and Unzen jigoku

Stay at Unzen Toyokan



Day 4, Dec 11

9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Kumamoto

Kumamoto Castle,Lunch at Sakuranobaba Josaien


Suiznji Park, Shimo-tori shopping street


Stay at Kumamoto Wasuki Tsukasakan



Day 5, Dec 12

9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Aso

Aso Sightseeing

Mt. Aso, Daikanbo, Kusasenriga-hama

Lunch at Dengaku-no sato





Day 6, Dec 13


9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Takachiho

Takachiho gorge, Takachiho Shrine, Amano Iwato Shrine




Day 7, Dec 14


9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Beppu

Sightseeing Beppu

Jigoku-meguri (Umijigoku,bozu jigoku) foot bath

Lunch at Jigokumushi kobo


Yufuin sightseeing

Kinrin lake, yunotubo-gaido, floral village


Stay at Kanpo no Yado Beppu



Day 8, Dec 15


9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Fukuoka

Yanagawa river cruise and lunch at Wakamatsuya : Eel


Tosu Premium Outlet shopping





Day 9, Dec 16


9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Ukiha area

Fujii honey shop

11:00-12:00 Nakano Orchards fruit picking: persimmons

Transfer to Itoshima

Lunch at Ichiran-no mori (ramen)





Day 10, Dec 17

9:00  leave the hotel

Fukuoka Yanagibashi fish market visit

Yusen-tei (Japanese tea experience)

Fukuoka Tower

Marinoa City Outlet (including lunch time)




Day 11, Dec 18

7:30  leave the hotel

7:45  Fukuoka Airport

 Back to home by SQ655



What our Customer have to say

Thank you for your kind arrangement on the itinerary which is flexible and allow us time

to sightsee and to rest. All the hotel rooms are spacious enough for our needs and near to

each other. The pace is just right for us with enough time for onsen and relax. We are also glad

to have airport transfers both ways arranged, as we have many luggages.

Mr Bruce Ko, our driver was patient to us and provide excellent explanation on Atomic Bomb

museum and other attractions, catering to my mother in Mandarin. After we expressed interest

to see a mushroom farm, Bruce brought us to a farm and translated from the farm guide on the

growing and production of mushrooms. My mother and daughter enjoyed learning about the

process. Bruce took very good care of us during the trip.


Lunch (especially Unagi lunch) and dinner options are fantastic and thank you for taking care of

our dietary restrictions and made sure in advance that the raw items and beef items are excluded

accordingly for my mother and Kah Fook.


Feedback from one of participant is

1) Bruce (our driver) is good and attentive to our needs.

2) Agency/Bruce also recommended good local lunch options

3)Just to add that we learned a lot from the visit of mushroom farm on 10 Dec.

It is an educational experience for us. This is a good item to propose to your clients.

4)We also visited an area near Mount Aso where some houses are partly buried by volcano.

It was an eye opener for us as this is the first time we see the effects of volcano eruption.

5)We enjoyed the Yanagawa boat ride with the singing of folk song. Not so much  of the

Takachiho boat ride as we have to peddle ourselves.


Overall, we had an enjoyable trip and would recommend your agency to other friends who are

keen to visit Kyushu.


Merry Christmas and wishing you a great New Year ahead!



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