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Rokubei, 六兵衛

  Rokubei is a local cuisine in Shimabara. In 1792, Shimabara Disaster was occurred that Mt. Mayuyama exploded and …

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Mathew C Perry came to Uraga in 1853

  In 1853, Mathew C Perry came to Uraga; the Commodore of the US navy, who played a significant role in Japanese hi …

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Ban on Christianity in 1614

  The number of Christians in Japan continued to increase, and reaching 300,000 in 1614. Fearing the ever-increasin …

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Hatsu-moude, 初詣

  Hatsu-moude is one of Japanese custom that first visit of the year to Shrines or/and Temples. Literal meaning of …

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Guzoni, 具雑煮

  Japanese cuisine

  Guzoni is a local cuisine in Shimabara. It is said to create during the Shimabara Rebellion of 1637.       & …

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Sara-udon, 皿うどん

  Japanese cuisine

  Sara-udon is a local cuisine in Nagasaki and The literal meaning is udon (udon noodle) on a plate (sara).   …

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Nagasaki was a small Rome

  Todos os Santos Church, the first church in Nagasaki, was built in 1569. Federal lord Omura and the Jesuits made …

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Variety of local cuisines in Aso and Kumamoto

  Dago-jiru, Takana-meshi and Basashi   Dago-jiru Soup cuisine used dumpling (dago) made by rolling flour, and …

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Meiji Restoration in 1868

  Japanese history

  In 1868, Meiji Restoration, the most important event in Japanese history, which heralded a new era of modernizati …

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Michino-eki, 道の駅

  Michino-eki means Road Station in Japan and provides places for travellers to rest, they are intended to promote …

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