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Nagasaki became a center of Dutch, Portuguese and other European influences in the 16th century and flourished as a trading port & center of Christian missionary activities.

The detonation for an atomic bomb over Nagasaki during the Second World War is a dark

page in the cities turbulent history. 
Now, however the city has become a center of peace, blessed with beautiful natural scenery

and eclectic mix of historical sites and architecture. 

In fact, many churches and Christian sites have been proposed for inclusion on the UNESCO 

World Heritage list.



Welcome to Nagasaki


JR Nagasaki Station Nagasaki tram Venus Wing


Where to Explore

Glover Garden   World Heritage site : Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution


Atmic Bomb in 1945

Nagasaki Peace Park  Peace Fountain   Ground Zero 


World Heritage : Hidden Christian Site

Oura Cathedral 


Sotome area Hidden Christian Site           


Featured destinations

Martyrdom of the 26 Saints  Magane-bashi bridge   Mount Inasa


Dejima Minamiyamate district  Urakami Cathedral


China town Confucius Shrine Suwa Shrine



                Location of Nagasaki-city



Access to Nagasaki-city


・2hours by car using Highway from Fukuoka-city

・120 minutes by JR express train from JR Hakata Station



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