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8 days Southern Kyushu tour

  • Kumamoto, Japan, travel, tour
    Day 1 : Kumamoto

Exploring Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefecture where are located in the southwestern part

of Japan, and has subtropical climate. Where to visit : In Kagoshima-prefecture are Satsuma

peninsula, Ibusuki, Kagoshima and Kirishima. In Miyazaki-prefecture are Nishinan, Miyazaki,

Huga and Takachiho. Finally, exploring Fukuoka enjoy sightseeing and shopping.



Where to Explore

Day 1 : arrive Fukuoka  →  Kumamoto and Ibusuki, stay Ibusuki

Day 2 : Satsuma Peninsula, stay Kagoshima

Day 3 : Kagoshima, Sakurajima island and Kirishima, stay Kirishima

Day 4 : Kirishima, Nichinan and Miyazaki, stay Miyazaki

Day 5 : Hyuga, stay Takachiho

Day 6 : Takachiho, stay Fukuoka

Day 7 : Fukuoka, stay Fukuoka

Day 8 : leave Fukuoka and back to home



 Travelling route 




















Tour conditions 

The tour is the private tour exclusively for your group.

・Minimum number : 2 person

・Maxum number : 30 person

・Start and end of the tour is Fukuoka-city, please specify the place where you want

・Tour date : please specify the date

・Accommodations is selected as per your required grade, room conditions and budget

 and the location is considered sightseeing, dinner and nightlife as well.

・Chartered vehicle is utilized as per number of person.

・English speaking tour attendant escorts your journey to produce a pleasant trip.

・For making enjoyable our company staff always assist during tour by  

 communicating with you using a communication tool such as WhatsApp.





Day1  Kumamoto &  Ibusuki



Depart Fukuoka-city

Trasfer to Kumamoto

 Sakurano-baba Josaien → Kumamoto Castle  

Transfer to Ibusuki

Experience of steam sand bath

Stay at  Ibusuki , Japanese style Hotel,  included dinner and breakfast

Dinner at Hotel : Japanese style kaiseki dinner included lacal spesiality cuisines


Where to explore


Situated roughly in the center of Kumamoto Prefecture, is the government and

economic center of the prefecture. From the early 17th century to the end of the

19th century, Kumamoto was prosperous as a castle town.


Sakurano-baba Josaien

Josaien is located in Sakurano-baba, at the foot of Kumamoto Castle, one of Japan’s

three major castles. It is a popular tourist attraction designed to enhance the appeal

of the old castle town and convey to visitors the food, history and cultural traditions of

the region from Kumamoto Castle, a symbol of the Kumamoto-city.

The main gate located in


Many shops sell Kumamoto


Restaurants, to enjoy distinctive

food culture in Kumamoto


Kumamoto Castle

The Castle is one of the three great castles and one of the 100 best places in Japan to view cherry

blossoms. Due to the Earthquakes in 2016, the Castle have heavey damages and many of Castle

buildings were destroyed. After that the restoration activities are being performed as fast as possible

and now Kumamoto Castle can be seen from the outside of the moats surrounding the castle.

  Castle tower

Castle tower after Earthquake 



A hot spring resort representing Kyushu, and is located in Kagoshima-prefecture along

the sea at the southernmost end of the Satsuma peninsula. It is best known for its
steaming sand baths along the beach, where bathers in a yukata, or Japanese bathrobe.

Sand bath hall, changing room

shower facilities

  Steam Sand bath facing to

  Kinko Bay

 Enjoy taking Steam Sand



Day 2   Satsuma Peninsua



Leave Hotel in Ibusuki  

Exploring Satsuma Peninsula

   Ryugu Shrine and Nagasakibana Cape

   Ikeda-ko lake

Lunch at Tosenkyo : Somen noodel nagashi

Transfer to Chiran

Exploring Chiran  including Samurai Residence and Chiran Peace Museum  

Transfer to Kagoshima

Stay in KagoshimaWestern style Hotel, included breakfast

Dinner at Kagoshima-city, local speciality Cuisines



Option : the following sites can be arranged as option.

Meiji-gura Shochu Brewery

Nishi-Oyama Station



Where to explore

The Satsuma Peninsula which projects south from the southwest part of Kyushu.

To the west lies the East China Sea, while to the east it faces the Osumi Peninsula

across Kagoshima Bay. Near the southern tip of the peninsula is the 924-metre Mount

Kaimon and the hot springs of Ibusuki Hot Spring.


Ryugu Shrine

It is the Urashima Taro legendary shrine peninsula and this shrine is becoming popular as a power spot

of matchmaking and good fortune in love.


Nagasaki-bana Cape

The cape is the southernmost point of Satsuma peninsula, where a white lighthouse stands.

You can enjoy the view of the magnificent Mount Kaimondake and rocks with the sea spray

wearing them. The Cape is said to be the birthplace of the legend of Ryugu.



Ikeda-ko lake

A circumference of 15 km and a maximum depth of 233 meter, where was created by volcanic

activity long ago. Large eel with a length of 2 meter and circumference of 50 cm inhabit the lake.

It was also known as the lake of a legendary monster called ” Issy” purported to live in the lake. 

  Monster called Issy

   Flower garden

    Mount Kaimon


Somen noodle nagashi

The unique Somen noodle nagashi in Tosenkyo revine in Kaimon open throughout the 

year serving cold Somen noodle that swim in the revloving container.

 Entrance of Tosenkyo revine

 Somen noodle restaurant

Somen noodle that swim in

the revloving container



Called a small Kyoto in Kagoshima, offer you a fine collection of Samurai houses and gardens

and Chiran Peace Museum for the Kamikaze Pilots.


Chiran Samurai Residence

Those Samurai Houses were built about 250 years ago. Their gardens are beautiful

desighned, with Mt. Hahaga-dake as the background. Other natural elements are

also incorporated, making the whole area resemble a scries of miniture of Japanese

gardens housed in boxes. Seven of the gardens are designated as natural scenic spots.


Chiran Peace Museum for the Kamikaze Pilots

This museum exhibits precious materials such as pictures, letters, wills, articles and

memontos of the 1,036 Kamikaze pilots based in Chiran who perticipated in the Battle for

Okinawa towards the end of World War 2.  It also houses a No.3 type fighter aircraft, Hien.





Enjoy tasting Shochu at the most famous Shochu brewery in Kagoshima Meiji-gura is

Satsuma Shuzo’s Shochu brewery and museum.

Satsuma Shuzo’s Shochu


Shochu brewery museum

Enjoy tasting Shoochu,



Nishi-Oyama Station

The Station is the southern most railway station in Japan operated by JR, boasts a

breathtaking view of Kaimon-dake volcano to the front.

 Platform of southern most

 railway station

 Yellow post delivering the


 Bell that brings happiness


Day 3    Kagoshima & Kirishima



Leave hotel in Kagoshima

Exploring Kagoshima-city

   Sengan-en Garden and Shoko Shuseikan ( UNESCO World Heritage site  )

Transfer to Sakura-jima Island by Sakura-jima Ferry

Exploring Sakura-jima Island

Transfer to Kirishima

Stay at Kirishima Onsen Resort,  Japanese style Hotel,  included dinner and breakfast

Dinner at Hotel : Japanese style kaiseki dinner included lacal spesiality cuisines



Option : the following site can be arranged as a option.

 Black Vinegar factory in Kirishima



Where to explore


Kagoshima-city is the southernmost major city in Kyushu which can see Sakura-jima Island

which raises the smoke across the Kagoshima Bay. Kagoshima prospered in the Edo period

as a castle town.


Sengan-en / UNESCO World Heritage

Sengan-en is the most famous garden in Kagoshima-ken, made by Shimazu lord in the 

19th century at the beautiful bayside Kinko bay. The garden contains many historic artifacts

that tell of its long history.

   Mount Sakurajima

   Shimazu family residence

     Suzumon gate


Shoko Shuseikan Modern Industrial Complex   /  UNESCO World Heritage

The museum of the Classics located here exhibits a various of objests related to the Shimazu

family and the Satsuma domain, introducing a Shimazu family tree chart and many other

belongings. The stone buiding which houses the collection has been desighnated on the

UNESCO World Heritage,  Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution

      Shoko Shuseikan

    Reflectaance furnace

  Base of Reflectaance furnace


Sakura-jima Ferry

Sakura-jima Ferry connects Kagoshima-city and Sakura-jima Island in 15 minutes

and is operated for 24 hours.

       Kagoshima port

       To Sakura-jima Island

     Sakura-jima Port


Sakura-jima Island

An active strato volcano with three peaks, Kita-dake, Naka-dake and still active Minami-dake.

Formerly an island, it became connected with the Osumi Peninsula in 1914 when lava from its

summit closed the channel between the two.


  Still active volcano   


  Yunohira Observatory


  Arimura Lava Observatory        



Black Vinegar in Kirishima 

The Fukuyama area along Kinko Bay is home to the famous Japanese black vinegar.

Over here, one can tour the old-fashioned Tshubobatake which leterally means a field of

vinegar jars, witness the traditional manufacturing process of the black vinegar, taste and

purchase the finished product.

 Black vinegar manufacturing

 Sakamoto Kurozu, famouse


Shop and restaurant



Kirishima Onsen 

Lying on the lower slopes of the Kirishima Mountain with a distant view over

Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima below. The area is made up of over a dozen Onsen,

of which the largest and best know is Maruo Onsen.

Located at lower slopes of

the Kirishima Mountain

The largest and best know is

Maruo Onsen

  There are Ryokan and hotels

  of various sizes


Day 4  Kirishima & NichinanMiyazaki 



Leave Hotel in Kirishima Onsen Resort 
Visit Krishima jingu Shrine   

Transfer to Nichinan

Exploring Nichinan and Miyazakii : to be selected three places where you want to visit

  Toi Cape →  Udo Shrine → Nichinan Coast, Horikiri Pass 

Stay at Miyazaki, Western style Hotel, included breakfast

Dinner at Miyazaki-city, local speciality Cuisines



Option : the following sites can be arranged as option.

Obi Castle Ruins 

Miyazaki Shrine



Where to explore

Kirishima Shrine   

One of the most beautiful shrine in Kyushu, and is surrounded by forest. The Shrine buildings

are constructed in 1715 and designated as Important Cultural Property of Japan.

 Torii gate in the precinct

 Shrine main building

 Gardian deity


Nishinan & Miyazaki

Facing the Pacific Ocean with a beautiful coastline contains placed of natural beauty, 

like Aoshima and Toi-misaki Cape.


Toi Cape

Wild horses are living here. Gentle hills extend, and you can observe wild horses, called

Misaki-uma, living and grazing there. It is said that the Misaki-uma are the descendants of

army horses left grazing and which became wild 300 years ago.

Located at southernmost part

of the Nichinan

Wild horses are living at the

gentle hills

 Visitor Center, souvenir shop


Udo Shrine

Beautiful and exciting Shine,  located the cave of the cliff side facing the Pacific Ocean.

In legend, a goddess of sea built a hut to give birth to a great god here.
Then it is said that Empress Suiko (554-628) built the shrine there.

Located the cave of the cliff

side facing the Pacific Ocean

 Shrine in the Cave


Pray place facing to Pacific



Sun Messe Nichinan

Japan’s own replica of Moai Statues.

Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, the Sun Messe Nichinan has

replicas of the Moai statues from the Easter Island placed here and there in the area.

Breathtaking panoramic view

of the Pacific Ocean

Moai statues from the Easter

Island placed here

The only place that has been

permitted to replicate


Horikiri Pass

The suggested sightseeing spot in Nichinan.

The 60m altitude pass allows you to look down at a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.

The coastline here is lined with rocks that have been worn away by the waves splashing

against them, as well as beautiful phoenix palm trees.

The Horikiri Pass Phoenix

Road Station

Beautiful phoenix palm trees

The rocks have been worn

away by the waves splashing




  Shopping street

 Japanese style pub

  Enjoy dinner



Obi Castle Ruin

The moss-covered stone walls, broad stone steps in front of the Ote-mon main gate, moat ruin,

and old samurai residences all bring back the past. The Matsuo-no-Maru residence and Ote-mon

have been reconstructed using the treasured Obi cedar wood.

 Entrance of Obi Castle

The moss-covered stone walls

Nation’s Preservation Districts

for Groups of Historic Buildings


Miyazaki Shrine

Miyazaki Shrine is the oldest and the most important shrine in the city.

Dedicated to Emperor Jimmu, the mythical first emperor of Japan, it is said to have been

established over 2600 years ago.

 The oldest Shrine in


 Dedicated first emperor

 in Japan

 Lantern in the Shrine


Day 5  Hyuga



Leave Hotel in Miyazaki

Transfer to Hyuga

Exploring Hyuga Cape

 Cruz Sea  →  Umagase  → Mimitsu

Lunch at Hyuga : local cuisine in Miyazaki

Transfer to Takachiho

Stay in TakachihoJapanese style Hotel, included dinner and breakfast

Japanese style kaiseki dinner included lacal spesiality cuisines



Where to explore


A bay city, facing the Hyuga nada Sea. The whole area along Hyuga Cape with its many

exposed rocks is designated as the Nippo-Kaigan Quasi-National Park.  Umagase at the

top of Hyuga Cape is a precipitous cliff of pillar-like rock, towering as high as 70m.


Cruz Sea

Your dream come true here. The Cruz Sea is an area of ocean that appears to have a cross

in it when viewed from an observatory. This cape is known as a ria coast; the “cross shape”

was created by the narrow terrain here being eroded by rivers, resulting in a cross-shaped

sea route.

Observatory place

Your wishes come true here

“cross shape” was created by

the narrow terrain here being

eroded by rivers

Beautiful phoenix palm trees

facing to Pacific Orcean



Exciting scenery created by raging wave of Hyuga Sea. The coastline here is a ria coastline,

marked by intricate waterways sandwiched between cliffs. The cliffs here are 70m high and

the waves’ splashing against them is an enchanting sight.


Exciting scenery created by

raging wave


The cliffs are 70m high and the

waves’ splashing against them


Bare rock faces of the cliffs have

given way to columnar joints



Let’s meet the old days of Japan. The area in the city is designated a National Important

Preservation District for Groups of Historic buildings, and there remain much of the atmosphere.

Mimitsu fishery port



The ancient myths set down in

Japan’s oldest books

Designated a National Important

Preservation District 


Day 6   Takachiho 



Leave Hotel in Takachiho

Exploring Takachiho

  Takachiho Shrine  → Takachiho Gorge  → Amano Iwato Shrine

Lunch at Takachiho : local cuisine in Takachiho

Transfer to Fukuokacity

Stay at Fukuoka-cityWestern style Hotel, includedbreakfast

Dinner at Fukuoka-city, local speciality Cuisines



Option : the following site can be arranged as an option.

Gokase Winery

  You can enjoy sample wines and winery also can be visited



Where to explore

Takachiho offers dynamic and powerful Takachiho Gorge and birthplace of Shinto which is

Japanese indigenouse religion. It is the supposed site of legend where Amaterasu, the Shrine

Sun Goddess, disturbed by her brother’s cruel pranks, hid herself in a cave, prompting the 

other gods and goddesses to try and lure her out.


Takachiho Gorge

The narrow chasm cut through the rock by the Gokase RiverThe nearly sheer cliffs lining 

a dragon where the stone twisted and flowed as it formed.

The narrow chasm cut through

the rock, boat riding experience

Exploring Takachiho Gorge

using the walk-way

Souvenir shops and 



Takachiho Gorge boat riding

The most recommended activity at Takachiho Gorge is riding the river that flows down the

base of the gorge on a rental boat.The spot you can see waterfalls and the columnar shaped

valley together is rare in the world. Please enjoy this amazing view from the boat.



Takachiho Shrine

 located just west of the town center, is nestled in a grove of tall cedars. During the day

the shrine’s nondescript, unpainted buildings blend in naturally with the surrounding trees.

The light that filters through, brings with it an air of calm, peaceful reverence.

Entrance of Shrine, Torii gate

 The sacred tree, 800 years old

Shrine main building


Amano Iwato Shrine  

Japanese indigenouse religion, Shinto born here.

There is a story of Shinto origin in the Cave behind of Amano Iwato Shrine, and Amano

Yasugawara. About ten kilometers outside of central Takachiho, Amano Iwato Shrine

was built near the Cave where is place of the Shinto origin story.


 The God shows the story of

 Shinto origin

 Amano Iwato Shrine, there is the

 Cave behind the shrine

 Amano Yasugawara, Gods &

 Goddesses had a discussion



Somen nagashi

Somen is a kind of noodle which is made by wheat and is usually eaten by dipping style.
Somen nagashi is the way of eating Somen with waterslide traditionally made by bamboo

like as video below. Nagashi means flowing.




Gokase Winery

Gokase Winery is located near Takachiho, in the beautiful plateau at an altitude of 600m.

All the wines are being made from locally grown grapes. There is the tasting corner, you can

enjoy sample wines. Winery also can be visited.




Day 7   Fukuoka-city  



Leave Hotel

Exploring  Fukuoka-city

Lunch : local cuisine in Fukuoka-city

Stay in Fukuoka-city , Western style Hotel, includedbreakfast

Dinner at Fukuoka-city, local speciality Cuisines



Where to explore

Fukuoka-city has a long history as commercial town and castle town, and prospered as important

district to Asian Continent for many years.   Now, Fukuoka-city is the International bub of Kyushu,

the nation’s fourth largest economic zone. You can enjoy various things by selecting from the following.


Shopping and meal

JR Hakata Station

The largest and busiest JR train

station in Kyushu

Canal City Hakata

The complex commercial facility, 

in the heart of Fukuoka-city


The biggest shopping district

in Kyushu 


Seaside Momochi

The water-front resort area, only a 15 minute drive from Tenjin in the centre of Fukuoka-city. 

The park is surrounded by Fukuoka Tower and high rise contemporary high rise buildings, 

all of which help make a modern urban landscape. 


Fukuoka tower

One of the must visit spots is the 234 metre high Fukuoka Tower. It  is the highest coastal
tower in Japan and is covered with 8000 two way mirrors. The observation room located at
a height of 123m offers a breathtaking and spectacular 360 degree panoramic view of 
Fukuoka-city and Hakata Bay  

 Japan’s highest coastal tower

  Magnificent view from the tower

 Lover’s Sanctuary



The complex facility for the wedding hall, shops and restaurants and is located in Seaside

Momochi Park.



Historical places

Kushida Shrine

Hakata Gion Yamagasa 

Festival is held in the shrine 

Tochoji Temple

The oldest temple of the

hingon sect in Japan

Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Part of stone wall and canal, and

the Tamon tower are still left 


Kawabata-dori Shopping Street

Japanese traditional Shopping Street where you can find a lot of Cool Japan. The entrance of the

shopping street is located next to Kushida Shrine. Approximately 130 shops built in the 400 metre

arcade. There are also souvenir shops including Hakata dolls, shops collected Hakata Gion

Yamakasa goods. ​Enjoy lunch, Hakata Ramen at the birth place of Nagahama Ramen.

 Entrance of Shopping


130 shops in the 400 metre

arcade including souvenir shops


  Birth place of Nagahama



Nokonoshima Island

In the middle of Hakata Bay Beautiful flowers can be enjoyable throughout the year. Rapeseed

blossom, Cherry blossom, Livingstone daisy Poppy, Rhododendro, Marigold, Hydrengea, Plumed 

cockscomb, Dahlia, Sunflower, Cockspur coral tree Bougainvillea, Scarlet sage, Cosmos, Dahlia,

Autumn leaves, Scarlet sage, Japanese narcissus, Japanese camellia, Plum.

Breathtaking panoramic

view of Hakata bay

Beautiful flowers can be

enjoyable throughout the year

  Flower garden


Marine World Uminonakamichi

The aquarium focuses on the aquatic life found around Kyushu. The main tank is a huge,

seven meter deep pool filled with all different kinds of marine life including over 120 sharks

of 20 different varieties. There are also several outdoor tanks where you can experience

feeding dolphins and sea lions.

Marine World Uminonakamichi

facing to Hakata bay

 Dolphins and sea lions Show

 Different kinds of marine life

  can be enjoyed


Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

The sprawling, family oriented public park, located on a narrow peninsula across the bay from

central Fukuoka.The park is made up of several different areas including flower gardens, playgrounds,

an amusement park with ferris wheel, sports fields, a water park, a zoo and large open spaces and

lawns perfect for picnicking.



Yusentei Garden

The Japanese traditional Garden; it was originally built in the 1754 for Kuroda Tsugutaka who was

the lord of Fukuoka clan. You can feel Japanese traditional cultures and enjoy Tea Ceremony.

The time-honored Japanese


Beautiful lake, colorful carp


 Traditional Japanese room,

 enjoy Tea Ceremony


Marinoa City Fukuoka

The urban living area where you can enjoy a resort lifestyle full of fun and entertainment.

There is a large shopping mall, a sports equipment store, a car accessories store, an interior

design shop, a baby specialty mega store, some restaurants, a Ferris wheel, and many 

amusement attractions.



Hakata Ramen Yatai

Food stalls “Yatai”is one thing to enjoy in Fukuoka. Despite a decline in recent year,

there are said to be more than 160. The food stalls have all kind of food, but you have

to try Hakata ramen, usually made with white soup from pork bone and thin noodles.



Ramen Stadium

Ramen Stadium isn’t really a stadium as the name suggests, but a food court on the fifth floor

of Canal City’s Cinema Building. It carries not one, but eight famous ramen stalls that serves

different ramen styles from across Japan. Ramen Stadium has eight ramen stalls with ramen

from Hakata, Kurume, and as far as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Sapporo.


Day 8  Leave Fukuoka-city to Home


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