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11 days Kyushu tour


Enjoy travelling the most fascinating destination Kyushu.



 Discover many things you never seen 

 and never experienced before such as

 the unappalled natural beauty, historical

 building with unique architectural hot spring,

 local cuisines, state-of-the-art technologies.


 If you have specific themes, places and

 things, you can include those items in the











Yanagawa        → Kumamoto        → Ibusuki
Kagoshima        → Takachiho        → Aso
Okubungo        → Yufuin          → Beppu
Nagasaki         → Dazaifu          → Fukuoka

Where to Explore
Fukuoka  → Yanagawa → Kumamoto  →  Ibusuki → Kagoshima  
Takachiho  → Aso  →  Okubungo → Yufuin → BeppuNagasaki 
Dazaifu  →  Fukuoka 


Tour condition

・Start and end of the tour is to be Fukuoka-city.

English speaking guide is accompanied

・Chartered vehicle such as a jumbo taxi or bus is utilizes as per number of pax

・JR Shinkansen is used between Komamoto and Kagoshima





Day 1  Welcome to Kyushu

Arrive at the Fukuoka airport, and English speaking guide pick you up  

・Explore Fukuoka by the use of a chartered vehicle.

    Kushida Shrine,  Tochoji Temple  

 ・Lunch at Canal city Hakata Ramen studiam

・Explore Sea side Momochi water front

 ・Stay at Fukuoka


Day 2  Yanagawa and Kumamoto

・Transfer to Yanagawa

 ・Explore Yanagawa

  Canal boat cruise    

・lunch at Yanagawa, Regional cuisines such as Unagi(eel ) or sea food

 ・Transfer to Kumamoto

・Explore Kumamoto

    Kumamoto castle and Suizenji-koen Park

・Stay at Kumamoto-city

Day 3  Ibusuki

 ・Transfer to Kagoshima by a Shinkansen (bullet train)

A chartered bus pick you up at Kagoshima chuo station 

 ・Exlpore Ibusuki,

   enjoy a sand bath

Stay at Ibusuki Onsen resort


Day 4  Kagoshima and Sakurajima island

・Transfer to Kagoshima

 ・ Explore Sakurajima island

 ・ Visit Senganen park and strolling Kagoshima shopping destrict

・Stay at Kagoshima-city


Day 5  Takachiho

 ・Transfer to Kumamoto by a Shinkansen (bullet train) 

 ・A chartered bus pick you up at Kumamoto station transfer to Takachiho

 ・Explore Takachiho

  Takachiho Gorge  Amano Iwato Shrine  Takachiho Shrine

・Stay at Aso Japanese style accommodation called Ryokan


Day 6  Aso and Kuju

Explore Aso region

    Daikanbo  Kusasenri-ga-hama  Mt. Aso  

 ・Explore Kuju region

    Kuju Flower Park,  Kuju winery,  Kuju Yeme Otsurihashi

・Stay at Yufuin Onsen Resort    


Day 7  Yufuin & Beppu

 ・Explore Yufuin  

    Kinrinko lake,  Yufuin shopping street

 ・Explore Beppu

    Hell tour Foot bath

・Stay at Beppu Onsen Resort        


Day 8   Nagasaki

 ・Transfer to Nagasaki  

・Lunch at Dejima

・Explore Nagasaki 

 Mt. Inasa, Nagasaki Peace Park , Glover Garden 

・Stay at Nagasaki


Day 9   Fukuoka

 ・Transfer to Fukuoka     

Explore Fukuoka

・Stay at Fukuoka


Day 10  Dazaifu and Fukuoka

・Explore Dazaifu

   Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Komyozen-ji temple, Kyushu National Museum

・Explore Fukuoka 

   enjoy shopping

・Stay at Fukuoka        

Day 11  Depart for Home from Fukuoka airport


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