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Aso region


Aso region is one of the most popular tourist destination in Kyushu.

The world’s largest caldera and the active volcano give a lot of excitements.

And numerous unforgettable experiences in the rural area can be mede including Onsen,

variety of sports and local cuisines.



Where to explore


   Mount Aso

 Japan’s largest active volcano  Look down the Crater  Around the Crater






 Aso shrine   Kurokawa Onsen  Nabegataki Waterfall


 Shirakawa suigen  Sensui-kyo  Issingyo big cherry tree


  Tourist Tram



                 Location of Aso 



Access to Aso


  by a vehicle

  from Kumamoto-city : 60 minutes

  from Fukuoka-city : 2 hours and 30 minutes

  from Kitakyushu-city : 3 hours and 30 minutes



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Kumamoto-city, situated roughly in the center of Kumamoto-prefecture, is the

government and economic center of the prefecture.

From the early 17th century to the end of the 19th century, Kumamoto was prosperous

as a castle town. The Shira-kawa River and its branches run through the downtown area

around Kumamoto Castle.

Therefore, the city is called “City of Woods and Fresh Water.”



Welcome to Kumamoto

Kato Kiyamasa Statue Shimo-tori Shopping Street Street tram


Exploring Kumamoto


Kumamoto Castle

Entrance gate   Castle tower Kato Shrine 


After the Earthquake

Ninomaru-hiroba Castle tower Turret


Suizenji-koen Park    


                 Location of Kumamoto



Access to Kumamoto

  by a vehicle


  from Fukuoka-city : 1 hour and 40 minutes

  from Kitakyushu-city : 2 hours and 40 minutes




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Kitakyushu is the Industrial Innovation city with many fascinating features.  


The city is blessed with spectacular & stunning natural feature. 

Kitakyushu offers amazing possibilities for tourism and travel with a combination of spectacular

scenery, rich cultural experiences as well as learning possibilities through Study tours based on

the environmental and industrial themes.




Kokura Castle  Kokura Castle Garden River Walk Kitakyushu 


Tanga market  Uomachi & Kyumachi Gintengai Light up of Steel Works



Mojiko Retro

Kanmonkyo bridge 

Konamon Pedstrian tunnel



    Japanese Cultural experience 
Wakamatsu-kita Coast Kanmon Strait at Kokura Castle


Kawachi Wisteria Garden


                                                       Location of Kitakyushu-city



Access to Kitakyushu

 80 minutes by a vehicle using High Way from Fukuoka Air Port

 40 minutes by JR Express train from Hakata Station

 19 minutes by JR Shinkansen (bullet train ) from Hakata Station  



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Beppu is a popular hot spring town nestle at the foot of volcanos, Mt. Yufu and Mt. Tsurumi.

Boasting more than 2,800 hot spring sources and flowing rate of nearly 137,000 kiloliters per
day, Beppu is considered a paradise of hot springs famous for high therapeutic effects.
The town is divided into eight major hot spring areas collectively called “Beppu Hatto”, 
which offer beautiful scenery and various type of water of different qualities.



Welcome to Beppu 


 Beppu bay & Mount Takasaki

  Beppu bay

 Kannawa Onsen 

   Myoban Onsen 

   Kankaiji Onsen

  Foot bath



Hell Tour

The most famous sights are Jigoku Meguri or (Burning Hell)  tour.  
A collection of hot springs where the water bubbles forth from underground, often

with unusual result.


   Umi jigoku


     Umi jigoku


  Oniishi bozu jigoku


  Yama jigoku


     Kamado jigoku


    Oniyama jigoku

  Chinoike jigoku

   Tatsumaki jigoku


   Shiraike jigoku



Takasaki mountain animal park


About 1700 wild Japanese monkey are living in the park.

The monkeys are fed regularly by park wardens in order to keep them on the mountain and

prevent conflicts with farmers and residents in the neighborhood.





​               Location of Beppu


Kyushu Travel Guide


Kyushu is the destination like a Treasure Chest of Japan


We prepare the Kyushu Travel Guide for ideas and inspiration to help create

the perfect Kyushu Journey for you. 

Each featured destination is introduced by using various Photos which we have taken.

Thank you for visitiing our Kyushu Travel Guide site.



Prefecture map


Japan’s southernmost Kyushu Island consists of seven prefectures shown on the map


Red letter indicate prefecture

Black letter indicate destination























The biggest city in Kyushu and has

a long history as commercial town

and castle town


The Industrial Innovation city and

blessed with spectacular & stunning natural feature. 


Time back to 1300 years ago,

numbers of historical sites reflect 

to the ancient history of Dazaifu




A Resort town belonging to

Genkai Quasi National Park

next to Fukuoka-city


Canal boat cruise can be enjoyed

while experience the atmospheres 

of Japanese castle town

Chikugo region

Located in the Kyushu’s largest 

Chikugo plain spreading in the

Chikugo River basin

Fukuoka-prefecture Saga-prefecture  

Munakata region

World Heritage, The Sacred Island

Okinoshiam & Associated site in

the Munakata Region


known as the plece where it has

made a great contribution to the Japanese Industrial Revolution.

Karatsu & Yobuko 

Northwestern part of Saga,

facing to Genkai Sea



Saga-prefecture   Nagasaki-prefecture

Takeo & Arita & Imari

Takeo is famous for Onsen &

Arita is specialty place of pottery


Feature spot is Yutoku Inari Shrine

Sake Brewery also recommended


Many foreign influenced cities

and center of world peace




Beautiful mountain & Onsen resort, 

the first area to be designated

as a National Park in Japan. 


Castle town blessed with nature,  facing Ariake Bay in the east and

mountain foot of Unzen

Sasebo & Huis Ten Bosch

2nd largest city in Nagasaki-pref., has beautiful harbor, Huis Ten Bosch is must visit attraction.  





The popular hot spring town nestle

at the foot of volcanos


one of the most popular among 

International tourist visits

Kunisaki peninsula

began to develop 1,300 years ago

as a sacred religious ground 



Usa & Ajimu

Located at the base of

Kunisaki peninsula

Nakatsu & Yabakei

Consist of Nakatsu, Yabakei

and Buzen

Okubungo region

Consist of Takeda, Kuju, 

Bungo-ono and Kusu included Kokonoe 




 a historical castle town & blessed  

with a diverse natural beauty


The world’s largest caldera and

the active volcano


Popular Onsen resort 
Mt. Aso.



One of the most beautiful sea in 



Exciting Kumagawa river
boat riding


West coast of Kyushu and

faces Amakusa islands 





The most popular place is

Takachiho Gorge


Enjoy nature of beautiful

Miyazaki & Nichinan

The spectacular beauty 
of Pacific Ocean coastline



Kagoshima &

Osumi Peninsula 

the southernmost major city

Kagoshima, dynamic nature

spreading around Sakurajima

Ibusuki & Satsuma


One of the most popular Onsen

resort in Japan, located in southern

most of Kyushu



Called littel Kyoto
and interestingly.



Kagoshima-prefecture Yamaguchi-pefecture Hiroshima-prefecture


A rich natural world, Onsen &

Japanese Culture




Largest blowfish market in Japan.



It has two World Heritage sites




Nagasaki became a center of Dutch, Portuguese and other European influences in the 16th century and flourished as a trading port & center of Christian missionary activities.

The detonation for an atomic bomb over Nagasaki during the Second World War is a dark

page in the cities turbulent history. 
Now, however the city has become a center of peace, blessed with beautiful natural scenery

and eclectic mix of historical sites and architecture. 

In fact, many churches and Christian sites have been proposed for inclusion on the UNESCO 

World Heritage list.



Welcome to Nagasaki


JR Nagasaki Station Nagasaki tram Venus Wing


Where to Explore

Glover Garden   World Heritage site : Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution


Atmic Bomb in 1945

Nagasaki Peace Park  Peace Fountain   Ground Zero 


World Heritage : Hidden Christian Site

Oura Cathedral 


Sotome area Hidden Christian Site           


Featured destinations

Martyrdom of the 26 Saints  Magane-bashi bridge   Mount Inasa


Dejima Minamiyamate district  Urakami Cathedral


China town Confucius Shrine Suwa Shrine



                Location of Nagasaki-city



Access to Nagasaki-city


・2hours by car using Highway from Fukuoka-city

・120 minutes by JR express train from JR Hakata Station





Fukuoka-city is the gate way to Kyushu and is the biggest cosmopolitan city in Kyushu. 

Due to its location Fukuoka-city is the great starting point for exploring Kyushu

as well as Hiroshima.


Fukuoka-city has a long history as commercial town and castle town, and prospered as important

district to Asian Continent for many years.   Now, Fukuoka-city is the International bub of Kyushu,

the nation’s fourth largest economic zone. 

In other words, Fukuoka-city is the heart of Kyushu against various things,

such as food culture, shopping, entertainment, economy and international business.



​ Welcome to Fukuoka

JR Hakata Station Tenjin area Seaside Momochi area


Nokonoshima Island Nakasu Hakata Ramen at Yatai


 Historical place and Cultute of Japan

Kushida Shrine  Tochoiji Temle Hakata Machiya Furusatokan



Fukuoka Castle Ruins Hakozaki Shrine  Ohori-koen Oark


Yusentei Garden    



Canal City Hakata   Tenjin Marinoa City Fukuoka  



Kawabata-dori Shopping Street


Where to explore 

Fukuoka Chuo Wholesale

fish Market


Seaside Park

Marine World



Seaside Momochi

Fukuoka Tower Seaside Park & Marizon  Fukuoka Yahuoku Dome 


Location of Fukuoka-city    



Featured Fukuoka tour

Fukuoka one-day tour  


One-day tours from Fukuoka-city

Munakata region one-day tour

Chikugo region one-day tour

Yanagawa & Dazaifu one-day tour

Itoshima one-day tour

Nagasaki one-day tour

Sasebo & Huis Ten Bosch one-day tour

Saga one-day tour

Usa & Kunisaki peninsula one-day tour


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8 days Northern Kyushu tour

8 days Southern Kyushu tour

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6 days Central Kyushu tour

6 days North-East Kyushu tour

2 days Hiroshima & Miyajima tour





Historical place Dazaifu About 1300 years ago, in Dazaifu, there was a government office

to manage the entire Kyushu  for a long period of 500 years at the present  Dazaifu. 

There are numbers of historical sites which reflect to the ancient history of Dazaifu, including

ruins of the Dazaifu itself.  The most popular tourist destination is Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine



Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

 Entrance Gate  Main Building of Shrine Shamusho, Shrine office 


Approach to the Shrine

Torii Gate  Approach path Approach path 


Starbucks at Approach path    


Daruma doll Gourd Ema tablet


Sacred Cow Entrance Bridge Chozusha, Purification place


Plum Blossoms




Kyushu National Museum Komyozen-ji temple   Site of Dazaifu Government Office  


Location of Dazaifu



Access to Dazaifu

  30 minutes by car using Fukuoka Urban Express Way from Fukuoka

  35 minutes by Nishitetsu train from Tenjin (Fukuoka) to Dazaifu



Featured tour related to Dazaifu

Yanagawa & Dazaifu one-day tour





A beautiful canal town Yanagawa


Canal boat cruise can be enjoyed while experience the atmospheres of Japanese castle town

and rural Japanese  life style. The estuary town facing the Ariake Sea through the Chikugo

River and Yabe River. 

People started to live here since ancient times and the agriculture and fishery have been 

engaged in by making Horiwari literary means the artificial canal. Surprisingly, 60km lengh

canal in total was constructed in the town of Yanagawa and the Yanagawa prospered as a 

castle town because the canals were used for the moats, which was the protection of enemy

during Edo period.



Canal boat cruise     




Ohana and Shotoen Garden


Birthplace of Hakushu Kitahara


Local Market    

     Taraditional local market

      Vegetables & fruits

     Ariake bay fishes


Local Cuisines    

     Local restaurant

        Eel cuisine

   Ariake bay Sea food


Yanagawa Sagemon Festival

The festival is held from February 11 through April 3 in Yanagawa. Hina dolls are displayed by families

with girls to pray for safe growth of their children, in Yanagawa


             Location of Yanagawa



Access to Yanagawa

 60 minutes by a vihecle from Fukuoka-city using Highway

 50 minutes by Nishitetsu train from Nishitetsu Tenjin (Fukuoka)




Featured tour related to Yanagawa

Yanagawa & Dazaifu one-day tour

6 days North-Weat Kyushu tour






Itoshima is a Resort town belonging to Genkai Quasi-National Park located next to Fukuoka-city.

Itoshima is facing Genkai Sea that the dynamic wave makes beautiful coast line scenery, and on the

other side is surrounded majestic Seburi mountain range makes beautiful country side landscape.



Futamigaura Beach    


Anegonohana-no-nakizuna Beach




Keya Cave    


Shiraito Waterfall    


Raizan Sennyo-ji temple

Salt Producing Plant




Sake Brewery



What to do

 Suginoya , Sake brewery

Sake is unique Japanese liquor made by fermenting rice.

Suginoya is the Japanese traditional Sake brewery in Itoshima and has

more than 140 years history.
You can enjoy tasting of Sake.   more


Ichirano-no mori  一蘭の森

Ichiran is an authentic tonkotsu ramen (pork born soup ramen) restaurant,

established in 1960. 
The ramen producing factory can be visited and various type of ramen

can be enjoyed at Ichiran-no-mori.    more


                          Location of Itoshima                



Access to Itoshima

30 minutes from JR Hakata Station by a vihecle 

using Fukuoka Urban Express Way and Nishi-kyushu High way


40 minutes by train from JR Hakata Station to Maebaru, Itoshima




Featured tour related to Itoshima